[Archive] Building the Magma Cannon


I’m building the magma cannon and have hit an issue.

Should the pipes on the right (see photo) line up with the thing sticking out of the top of the cannon while resting on the support?

When I do line it up there is a significant gap between the base of the cannon and the support.

Did anyone else have this problem?




Yes, I had this problem as well! I got it to fit but it’s very slightly off kilter. Not enough to notice on the table, but if you gave it some real scrutiny up close you’d spot it. I also had to put a little spacer in to make the pieces join up. I still haven’t painted it yet though as I wasn’t so excited to finish it once I got it assembled. I’ll be testing it out soon in our upcoming campaign so maybe its performance will inspire my brush get go to work :wink:



Thanks for that Nicodemus, I tend to paint the bits and then put them together so this wasn’t all a that obvious until I started to dry fit it all together.