[Archive] Bull Centaur and their armour save..?


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My friancée and I was having a little problem with the bull centaurs armour save.

- First of all, if I give my bull centaurs a heavy armour and a shield they get a 4+ save roll.

But will the Bull Centaurs/Lords benefit from the cavarly base rule (that gives its rider an 6+ as armour save, without any other armour). So the armour save can be reduce to 3+ instadet of 4+.

Does the Bull Centaurs count as a mount and rider and benefit from the rules that can be applied to those or is a Bull Centaur “just” a mount or a rider?

Hope you can help, Cheers Merchant.



yeah and it said that they are equiped with a great weapon and a sheild, but 7th ed rules don’t allow that, so does it take away the sheild or is it an exeption?

Thommy H:

Okay, you’ll hear contradictory things here because there’s no definite ruling, but this is how I play it:

- Bull Centaurs are mounted on cavalry bases and have unit strength 2

- They don’t count as cavalry though, so do not benefit from +1 Armour Save

- Conversely, since they don’t count as cavalry they can use two hand weapons and great weapons in the same way as infantry

So, Bull Centaurs with heavy armour and shields receive a 4+ Armour Save, and the same applies to Bull Centaur characters.

As for the second post; you can have a great weapon and shield, you just can’t use them together. This rule has been the same since way before 7th Edition too.


4+ for save despite what we would hope for.


There is a thread for this:


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Thank you, Cornixt. it has been spoken about. I’ll lock this topic now.