[Archive] Bull Centaur Config



I’d like to discuss how do you like your BC unit. :cheers

To me,

playing them by 9 it’s good because :

3 deaths before panic

7 models width to maximise the kills (+ 2 extra to die)

a good power unit, that can beat a 20 models units in power unit resolution (7 BC hitting will make some casualities)

189 points : not so expensive

I don’t like giving them a command group. :mad

A banner is 100vp for the opponent

Musicians and champions dont worth their points.

And you, how do you go with your BC?


10 full command, shield them as much as possible from bow fire, arty etc… Get into combat quickly.


10, 5 wide, standard, champ, no musician, guarded by at least one unit of WR…

they still tend to suck, but i love them and theyre good backup for th WRs which tend make the kills :)[/u]


Wolf Boyz FTW!