[Archive] Bull Centaur help


Once I finish my first block of Warriors, I am thinking of putting together some Bull Centaurs, so I’ve been looking around for ideas and I like the look of the WE great stag.

Does anyone know how big the stag is? If it’s huge I may end up using it for a BC Lord.

Also, any ideas would be a big help.



The Stag isn’t very big really, but I think it might be too big for a regular BC. It may work for a Lord though. If money’s not an object, order the lower torsos from the Blood Bowl range. :slight_smile:


So a BC Lord would be the best use for this then?

If I do end up using this, would you recommend giving him longer arms? I can’t decide whether the arms should be larger, to fit the bull body, or smaller, to fit the Dwarf torso.



If you are doing one that is physically larger than regualr BCs then you should forget about dwarf torsos completely. Use something much larger


There’s a nice picture of a centaur conversion using Grimgor, Archaon’s steed and a black orc head in the WFB chaos collector’s guide. With a beard it would make a great BC lord. The stag is about the same size as Dhrogar (the afore mentioned steed) and could make a good BC lord or even a Taurus or Lamassu. I personally think if you do a bit of work on the horns it would make a very convincing bull. In any case its a large steed model which isn’t a horse, which is helpful for CD conversions.


just use horse legs no heads or tails