[Archive] Bull Centaur hero sculpt


Here is a BC i have been working on for the last two days

I wont babble on, ill just cut to the chase! :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, should he have a GW swinging down over his head, or 2 hand weapons?


Ishkur Cinderhat:

Whoa, that’s a nice start! Brilliant job on the face and ears!

Can you show some pictures of the whole sculpt?


NICE! What did you use for the bull body?



Everything on there is self sculpted so far, a first for me! :PThe bull body was made out of terracotta miliput, and everything else greenstuff or the mixture of both

Ishkur (see! i spelt it right!)

I will try and get you pictures as soon as i have done the arms

But, no opinions, no arms! Im in a predicament so i dont no wat to do!


I’d go for a Great Weapon there. Raised above his head smashing down, that would be cool.


Wow. Great job sculpting. Even the bull-body!


thats truly amazing well done

when you do the arms can you have a pic the makes a comparison to normal dwarfs? cos he looks as big as a ogre to me, or is he supposed to?




The top half’s the same size as a normal dwarf, or there abouts. The bull body is only just a bit bigger than a normal BC body, to show his importance(i’m a strong beleiver in the orc rule 'iv youze is bigga, youze is betta!)

And as for the big hat, in my army only the sorcerors and big cheezes have them. Hows it gonna stay on when he’s charging across the battle field? Plus asthetically he would be too tall


Go for one hand weapon and one 3/4 length weapon that could feasibly either be a great weapon or a second hand weapon - covers WYSIWYG and looks cool. Will you be adding a shield?


ZOMG! Said both with sincerity and irony at once. These first stages look great. I vote for two hand weapons held in mid swing, so one out front chopping and another out back with a straighter arm. Axes please. :hat off


i vote large hammer held in one hand, with shield strapped to back. this could then be conscivably the black hammer of hashut and shield, another magic weapon and shield, a great weapon. i would not do 2x hand weapons, cause i dont think it’s worth it on him(unless you give him the gauntlets of bazhraak, then i vote big spiky pair of iron fists)

Kera foehunter:

great job on the free style bullcentaur he look so cool

Ghrask Dragh:

This is more great stuff Warplock! :cheers

The face in particular looks very well sculpted and a huge improvment on your other sculpts already.

Looking at the back legs (what I can see of them) they look pretty stationary, so I would go for the great weapon held across his chest, like the ogre tyrant models, and make it threatening by it’s size and scary looking blades or the two hand weapons if you don’t want to cover up the sculpting at the front (which is understandable).

It’s a shame we missed you at Games Day, we will have to meet up at the next one! can’t wait to see more of the bull centaurs. :hat off


An update!

Sorry for the rubbish pic, it was done in a bit of a rush!

I decided to go for the GW swinging down option, and is next to an old slaver i did a few months ago, one of the first models i made!

Exept for that not much progress! My school work is catching up with me a bit(bloody GCSE’s, only a few weeks into it and its getting tough:~) so progress will be slow, but hold up with me!



Ah ok now that he’s rearing up like that I’m all for the double handed weapon. That slaver is pretty cool too!

Kera foehunter:

They look so cool i like the slaver too.


Big axe is needed for that awesome pose. I can see it now. Smash!


I love the great weapon! You seem to have got the scale just right as well

Kera foehunter:

On the bull centaur what did you use for the arms ??

Chuck Norris walk into a bar OUCH!!!



I used miner arms for him, i liked the muscles and thought that a BC wouldnt have sleeves

Well the sculpting is just about finished. I was a bit distracted by a big hat style dwaii lord im starting to sculpt to sell, cus the old coffers are running low atm, and i need to buy crimo pressies!

I will try to get pics tomorro for y’all