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I needs halp, i tend to play small games [500 - 1000 points] and i sometimes take a bull centaur hero, but now im making him my general and i need to kit him out well, so im torn between extra strength or attacks or some such, i know i want him to have the armour of Gazrakh [1+ save] but i dont know what else, some ideas have been extra hand weapon, Sword of striking / might, or the Black hammer of Hashut.

Please i need help with this [no matter what anyone say indeciciveness is not a virtue … i think] any help on this or sample army lists would be greatly appreciated.


Due to my inability to find my rulebook, i ask that someone tell me the benefit of getting the charge in close combat [i seem to recall +1 strength or attack, but i used to use Orcs so that may just be Choppas.].


The main benefit of charging is that you get to go first. Some weapons have other advantages.

Give him a great weapon, best value even if you play the rules where he gets only +1S (see other threads for that discussion)

Lava Lord:

If you wouldn’t mind, where is that discussion on the site? thanx:hat off

Border Reiver:

At the 500 pt level I wouldn’t bother with magic items - they get in the way having enough troops to do the job.

At 500pts I’d go with heavy armour, shield and a Great Weapon or an extra hand weapon (depends if you can modify your list just before the battle or not). This gives you a pretty good armour save against missile fire, and also gives you options for weapons for when you get into HTH.

When facing beasties up to T4, I’d go with either Hand weapon and shield or an extra hand weapon - you have the strength to deal with them and the extra CR you generate should be useful. If you get charged, then the hand weapon and shield option is very useful to keep your bull alive and kicking, and obviously, the great weapon is your weapon of choice against High T or well armoured opponents.


See https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5610


I’d just take a chaos dwarf hero for 500 pts. He’s cheaper so that means more evil stunties :slight_smile: