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For those who do not/might not know, the bull centaur scale for the bodies (any torsos I would imagine) is quite a bit smaller than models for 6th and 7th cavalry models. What do I mean their height. This is not suprsing since the models were for 4th edition and were created out of metal in the mid 90’s.

I just received a part of my Bull Centaur order from the GW online store (not all and only the left sides for them and only 5 to boot! GRRRRRRR. In all 75% of the order is on back order. I compared them to various other cavalry models from other armies in my collection and they would be sitting way to low on the bases in comparison IMHO. Now they don’t have to be an exact match by I want them to be closer and more in line with the current cavalry scale.

As such I’m debating the method to be raising mine up a bit on the 25X50 mm cavalry bases. I’m leaning towards large flat rocks that I shape to fit the bases. I have seen a lot of people using various methods for this on the site on various army blogs. What is the most popular? Rocks? Cork. Plastic sprues cut up?

So, others experiences with this? I will be diving in with a unit of 10 and want to hear others experiences before I start on them with this specific aspect of the Bull Centaurs for my army.


If i were you wilmark i would find flat rocks in your garden or nearest natural place…fingy, and use them

I put all my important dawi on rocks to raise them above the masses

But with BCs, i sculpt them that wee bit bigger, to comply with the new scale of 6th+7th edition


That’s what I’m leaning towards as I already have a bunch of flat rocks in a bin that would work perfectly. Also I know some people, especially the ones using the lava bases are using cork as a material the painting it from there.


cork is great. it looks natural to scale, has that crumbly effect, and is easy to work with.


Been thinking this one over, I might have an alternative idea, but I’ll have to wait until I get home to known if it will work: keep the metal guides that gout the slots and then glue them above the level of the cav base and them fill in with rock.


I know what you mean about the size of 4th BC ,sort of 2/3 bull size like CD being 2/3 human size.

i think either cork or stones look good for rocks its personal taste looking through the methods used i prefer the look of cork i even have some now for warmachine bases with removable crew:hatas thats what i thought would make them more impressive than the movement trays:D


After looking at it last night I think the slate/rock option is going to work best for my BCs. Although I do have plenty of time to consider this as I’m back to working on

my first CD warrior unit, see army blog dr thoughts on that.

Kera foehunter:

Well slate is cool but tree bark beats cork and slate. With tree bark you can get better layer than slate and you can stack it in thin layers.Pluss it easy to drill and with a knife you can shape it into any shape and i bet you have mulch in your yard you can get a piece to try it pine bark nuggets work the best so give it try