[Archive] Bull Centaur Use

Lava Lord:

A question I’d like to get some opinons on. :hat off I admire the BC alot but for some reason they don’t do as well as I think they should. I have been using CD off and on for years and really enjoy them, but with BC being a rare choice and the earthshaker also, well I tend to go with the latter. For their cost and rare rating, I must be doing something wrong. How do you’all make them useful and worth it to give up an earthshaker? thanx:cheers


I like mine in a small flanking unit, next to the Lord onTaurus it’s the only fast, hard-hitting unit in the list.

I run either 5 BC with heavy armour and GW in 2000 or 6 BC with heavy armour, GW and a banner in 2250.

Their role is to either be hyper aggresive and pressure one flank (against defensive armies) or more conservative to deliver a devestating flank charge once my Dwarf line has held the main charge.

I don’t mind giving up the Rare slot since playing with 2 Earthshakers will not result in a fun game.

My $0,02,



They have rubbish armour so they tend to die if they do a headlong rush towards the enemy. I’m starting to experiment on them as general support unit. They hang around the back of the army where they are well protected and charge any miners or ambushers, or fling around the flanks later in the game. People seem to get a little worried if they know they will get slaughtered on the turn they enter the rear of the battlefield (infantry tends to be too slow to do that, especially if you’re marching your whole army line) so they start to have more of a preventative role.

I really only want to use them because they are so representative of the Chaos Dwarf army.


I send them round the flank with a Hobgoblin wolf rider unit. The BCs clear out anything in the way of the Hobgoblins so that the hobgoblins can get in behind the enemy’s flanks or rear. A Lord on Taurus also gets to go along with them if i’m using one in the game.


I love bullcentaurs. They are an excellent unit for countering in a defensive army (lotsa machines - shaker, bolts, rockets, etc.). They are very soft to shooting, I agree, but they can be easily hidden, and then, they pack a lot of punch. i tend to use 6 BCs with a standard and warbanner. It’s only 166 points, so their death isn’t such a big loss to the whole army, and they can break almost any infantry unit. That’s 12 attacks with S6!


i love them too there always apart of my army i use 6 also

it seems that black steel or granite armour might be CD’s gromil as imortals seem to be equpied with it


Granite would be cool.

Pyro Stick:

I use them in a unit of 10 with a standard. With a unit this big it wont die easily or quickly if you equip them with the right stuff


I love the bull centaurs, like a couple people mentioned before, they make great flankers.��And as an ex Dwarf player, anything that moves more than 3" is fantastic!��My preference is to take 5 BC, with standard, and then add a BC hero, and give em all great weapons.��Walk them up behind some hobgoblins (i shield my whole army with gobbos if the opponent has any artillery) and then use their 16" range to charge the flanks.��14 attacks at strength 6, they’ve never come up against a unit that they haven’t broken in the first turn, inc. my friends mighty Chaos Warriors.��With the massacre rule, they’re never out of combat.

Lord Darkash:

I use them in a unit of 10 with the warbanner. i minced a unit of khornate warriors including the lord, broke and ran them down in one turn. Most pleasing!

Creepy Dwarf:

im not a great fan of them, for a rare choice your getting about an avarage “cavalry unit” with i bigger punch but a worse armour save, yes a unit of 5 with gw’s heavy armour and a standard is cheap but for the same price i would much rather go for another earthshaker, you can never have too many earthshakers IMO. Becuase you could aim one on the left side of the field and disrupt their movement there and then do it on the right side with the other. IMHO earthshakers are the best war machines in the game.


I use mine the same as Wallacer with wolfboyz and bc or hobbo wolfhero in large games with taurus they all support each other very well .They’re great