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Hi all!

I joined this great forum, because you like the dwarfs Casos :slight_smile:

in 2007 I carved Zargod, dwarfs Casos I like very much, so a few months ago I decided to sculpting this bull centaur

It is not finished yet but

I hope you like it!

Best regard!!


Aww, That dude is so great !

Just few comments, it is may be a little bit too skinny (the bull part and the face) for my taste, and not so keen on the demon head at the front (Just thought that armor plate might fit better).

I am particularly in love with the pose, it make it soooo dynamic.

I had a look yesterday too the FW’s ones, and they look pretty stupid the way they move even though they have great face.

Keep the good work up !

Hope to see similar productions from you !

(if by any chance you cast it I may think about taking one :slight_smile: ! )


Thanks for the encouragement :slight_smile:

the demonic head and the plate are only testing … I’m looking for inspiration :slight_smile:


Wow, this one is awesome! I really like his pose and body. only this I’m not such a fan of is the stuff on his belt on the front. but wow, this is one centaur I would love to have if i didnt already have 20 (:

Keep up the good work.


It looks amazing.

One question I have to ask though is how big is it? It’s difficult to get a sense of scale from the photos. Is it in line with the new Warhammer Forge Bull Centaurs or more of a scale of the old big hatted bull centaurs?

Keep up the good work.




Hi thank you all!

I forgot the size :stuck_out_tongue:

it is 35mm to eye

Singleton Mosby:

Awesome model for sure. This would make a very nice Tauruk. Will you be re-casting it once it is finished?


I honestly do not know yet if it will be casting :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Awesome, would love to paint that so please let us know if you do :hat off


as I told you already on “that italian forum” (where I’m Hade-sama) it’s a wonderful model!!

and here,where I can say that ( away from gw-nazifanboy moderators) I must admit that if it gets casted I’ll probably want it!!

keep it on!!


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

If it were to cast certainly will keep you informed!

You saw that in the end, you found me here too:-P

Sorry for my english :wink:


excelent work, really like it. I think its very much in proportion. A lot of models have been way too top heavy. Only not a fan of the over sized gut-plate


thank you!

how much is a high centaur FW?

Kera foehunter:

Nice, very great work sweetie. nice axes

all i can say is more please


Sorry for my english ;)

With sculpting skills like yours, languge skills are never needed. ^^
Been trying to sculpt a little myself, sadly my skills at that are even worse then my english (read bad).

On the model, as others have said love the pose. Demon face thingie not so much. Would have preferd a curly beard myself, feels more CDie with it. And a tall hat and big noose has never hurt anybody :)

Great work, jelous of all pepole that can do such amazing things.


Recast Zargod, I guarantee sales!


Thank you all for the support

@ gIL^ :at this time, is not possible, recast Zar-good.

Because, Anno, has disappeared!

In addition, he has sold, ZarGood to other people …

@Rickie : try, try, try more and more, sculpt more and more, is the only way! :slight_smile:


Great work- maybe a variation with a big hat would be cool too.


a little update.

What do you think of this new plate?

mmmmmm a big hat is not a bad idea



I vote no hat though:)