[Archive] Bull Centaurs(3)


In the absence of being able to use Bull Centaur bodies (the actual horse-ish part) unless someone has a stockpile of them that they’re looking to help a person out with on the hookup nudge, what have people been using to make bull centaurs since the chaos dwarf line hasn’t exactly been available for quite some time now?

I just started getting in to chaos dwarfs last night and spent a few hours making a faux codex today out (compiled GT FAQ, mini-list from ravenous hordes, a hand-typed orcs/hobs statline/info from the new orcs and gobbos book, and the 4 lore spell lists from the core rulebook) and I was wanting to see about making the centaurs since there are already some great conversion instructions and ideas for the other units. Sadly though, I have no old bull centaur bodies, nor do I know where to get them without just buying an old bull centaur for $50+.


The pony from the BFSP box does well, ive started one but it’ll be a while befor its finished, this is the idea of someone else on this forum though, i cant take the credit


GW still sell the Bull Centaur Blood Bowl player for $17 US. A bit expensive, and the actual bull parts will probably be available again later this year.


are they re-releasing the bulls or something?


Half of the bitz are unavailable at the moment. Once they sort themselves out there will be most of it back again


I’ve got 12 left sides I’d sell (GW really screwed up my order!) so if you can find some right sides you’d be in business.


I would just ue boar bodies(pretty sure you can buy the bitz at Gw) and Bo bodies and great weapons:P