[Archive] Bull centaurs/inferno golem and warriors converted


Here are a few pics from my army, I’ll start with the conversions I did for the BSFP minis, I’ve never converted models in the past of worked with green stuff much but I think I’m getting better as I go along. I used the marauder kit for my warriors taking the shoulder and making a mold of the skull to use as masks then using the axe heads here and there to change up the look, shields on the first rank and used the flail tops to make maces and morning stars for the miners that came with the box set.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



These are my first attempts to make my obsidian Guard look like they have chaos armour on. I just added green stuff to their shoulders and arms to make it look like heavy plate, this gave them a much broader look and was fast to do.

Plus on a few I tried to add plate on their backs but I’m not sold on that Idea yet, there are models from the warriors box not models from skull pass.

I left the horns on these guys to again give them a more unique look and make them stand out from the warriors.


Now onto my pride and Joy, my bull centaurs, I apologize in advance for the quality of the pics my camera is bad close up and I never know if the pics will turn out blurred or not, I may re take them to show better detail.

Anyways I toyed with the Idea of using horse body’s but that just didn’t give the bull look and would be too large in any case. I looked that the boars closely, they have a wide chest, narrow back and small hind legs, perfect! I did a bits order of 5 for $18 CAN at my local GW.

Now for the body I tried using dwarfs but they just looked way too small and runty, I wanted my bulls to look like they deserved to be strength 4 and not to be messed with so I need an alternative.

In my haste to play test I have picked up 15 plastic black orcs and 5 metal 2nd hand for a total of $40 which i was super happy with. Now for their points cost I’d rather use Obsidian guard so I was left with a unit of black orcs I’d never use. So I experimented and they turned out great, they have the heavy looking plate armour, massive weapons, their helms have tusks which I loved, so very little conversion work.

Now what I did was put a layer of green stuff around the front and back of the torsos to look like “barding” made of chain mail. Ontop of that I made plates from green stuff as well to make them deserve that 4+ chaos armour save.

Next I added lots of beard and Robs your fathers brother, they where done, very fast to convert, they look mean and are my favorite models so far. And I think their not too large looking.

PS I still need to clean up some of the orc decals.


Very nice work, I must admit I am starting to like the orc bodies and boar combo. Looking good cant wait to see them painted.


Now for my inferno Golems I really know how I cam up with the idea, I had a spare troll or two laying around , they have the fight base size so I cut one up and went to town.

I did want them too look too robotic so I stayed away from killa kan type ideas or mega armored nobs and I didnt want them looking hi tech either, I’m very happy with the balance I have.

I liked the face on the stone wall that came with BFSP and made a mold of it to use as the face. The rest is just trial and error with green stuff trying to get a good look. Also I made molds of the marauder skull shoulders for the face masks on my warriors.

I started by cutting off the arms of the trolls and then with wire making a frame for the arms or used spare banner poles from the marauder kit and spears from my dark elves for the hammer arm.

As you can see its pretty much all green stuff, the construct weapon I made from banner poles and gave it a Gatling gun look. Seeming as how it can fire an artillery die or d6 shots I wanted something that looked like it could pump out a high rate of fire, plus I always loved the Gatling gun from the predator movie as a kid.

On the back of the Golem with the Gatling I tried to make it look like a furnace door and when I paint it I want the inside of the grills to have a fire effect.

So yeah thats how my CD army looks, I still have a slave master BSB and with great weapon converted along with a cannon that I’ll upload when I have time.


The Inferno Golems are awesome!! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see them painted!


Wow ! nice work cant wait to see em painted !

Time of Madness:

This is great stuff! Looking good so far.

Time of Madness


Great idea! I love those golems. :slight_smile:


Cheers for the comments, it has defiantly been a labor of love building and converting, painting will come when I have time, I’ll paint my Golems and centaurs last as I haven’t painted in over a year and need to brush off those cobwebs on my warriors. I’ll try and post some better pics that show some details because unfortunately the black base coat hides alot of it.


They are looking great, I might steal your idea :wink:


Great stuff so far! :hat off

Your Golems are awesome!

Now I’m eager to see the models painted!