[Archive] Bull Centaurs or 'demi giant'?


By a demi giant I mean a smaller giant on 40mm base. Could be a slave giant, but would probably be a machine.

He would be more reliable than a regular giant, as his attacks etc would be as with regular monsters, but he would have a weaker profile.

Many will wonder why I don’t just say include a regular stats giant? IMO we don’t need a full blown giant in our list, but a ‘demi giant’ would

a) be more in keeping with the CD army, it would be really squat looking.

b ) would keep things a little more balanced.

The reason I suggest having him instead of Bull Centaurs is that this guy would be rare, and something has to go.

It might be possible to have an upgradable Earthshaker (up to a hellcannon), but I think our list would be unbalanced to keep both cavalry and giants.


Bullcentaurs, of course, and also demigiant:idea


Umm, bull centaurs all the way


Why not just a big Bull Centaur? or Minotaurs of Hashut?

The Flying Beaver:

Get rid of bull centaurs? Um… yeah… Good luck with that…

Lord Darkash:

BCs rock greatly. But i have often thought that there should be “avatars” of hashut, like winged minotaurs…


I’m liking that winged minotaur idea. could be an animated statue of Hashut from the temple of hashut or something like that