[Archive] Bull Centaurs up on Forgeworld


^^ Awesome :smiley: run little fella

"Twisted amalgams of ferocious bull and Chaos Dwarf, Bull Centaur Renders are hulking and monstrous creatures who rage with a great hunger for flesh. The first of their kind were survivors of the Time of Chaos. Warped by the tides of horror that engulfed the Warhammer world, more than any other they were twisted into the semblance of Hashut, the terrible Father of Darkness to whom the Chaos Dwarfs cleave"


available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 31st August.




Paint scheme is awesome compared to the villager :smiley:

Singleton Mosby:

55 GBP ? x.x

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That’s 50mm, aye? Ugh.

EDIT: Also, they look bad ass!


55 GBP ? x.x

Singleton Mosby
+£6.60 for postage so over £60

But can you put a price on awesome?
That's 50mm, aye? Ugh.

EDIT: Also, they look bad ass!

50x75 i think. correct me if im wrong.

I wish i could run tauruks without a bull centaur unit.


50x75 could be right, yes.

I was mostly concerned with the frontage. :wink:


50x75 could be right, yes.

I was mostly concerned with the frontage. ;)

We had a really long conversation about them. I came up with spears in 3 ranks with a tauruk to get the best out of them.

Honestly why can't they just change the rules. 2 attacks for a thing that is a size of a greater daemon. BAH>


The paintjob is good but I’m still not sold. No, no, I’m going to make my own (if ever). I WANT BULL CENTAURS IN A BLOODY CHAOS ARMOR!!!


£123.20 for 6 incl. Delivery.

£20.53 each.



Well im sold, they look the dogs bollocks :slight_smile:


Woah, straight out of the blue!! Great find Satan!

And I think I’m about to have a basing aenurysm… are those 40x60 bases?  PLEASE for the love of Pete, what is with FW and the basing situation!?  Argh.


update based on this pic they may even be 50x75!!?!


I will still be getting two packs of these guys, even if they way outgrow there tabletop stats.


I love the paint scheme - body and torso one colour. Well done!


As much as I like them, I hate how big they are. Damn Monster creep turning warhammer into Mymonsterisbiggerthanyourshammer. I stick to using converted old school centaurs on 50x50mm and hope no-one notices!


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Just awesome I couldn’t care for the size of these there just fracking awesome.


55 pounds are much more than I had imagined but… I did not imagine that they were so HUGE!!!

Do not think I buy more than one unit but… They rocks, I will buy one : )


I wish i could run tauruks without a bull centaur unit.

I'd wish the Tau'ruks could be the general & make bull centaurs core.... thus fielding a bull centaur only army .... but :(

Pyro Stick:

For their size i guess the price is decent (dont know why i expected them to cost the same as the Fireborn) but i still wont be able to ever afford them. I have to agree that the paint job is awful as well.