[Archive] Bull Centaurs WIP


thats some great conversions right there

baba yaga:

love this. What are the bodies? I’me guessing vintage bull centaurs.

I created one from a centigor I had lying around but it is not quite :hashut -bull, need to get my hands on them

Ghrask Dragh:

These are without a doubt some of the best centigor conversions I’ve seen!

Can’t wait to see them painted :cheers


Perfect! really nicely done!


A bit of threadomancy here (2007), but it’s a shame Bjorni never painted these.

They actually remind me of some off hand of Hashut.


Hehe, old thread coming back to life again.
I really like what he did, and I second Grim on the painting part. I like the way Bjorni paints the red parts on his models.
Would be a nice surprise to see them painted someday :stuck_out_tongue: