[Archive] Bull centaurs with really big guns?


Random thought for the day, what about giving BC the option of taking really big guns, something like S6 Armour piercing?

It would cost a fair bit, and it would require different tactics because of whether to get missile units into combat etc.

On the other hand it would provide a highly mobile hard hitting missile unit…


Hmm like those ogre cannon fellas but then BC style?

sound pretty neat to me!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think you’d have to find rules to balance it, such as very short range, move or shoot, reload every other turn, very high points etc etc. Let’s face it, a BC can hit hard and those guns hit VERY hard (and have a -4 AS modifier) and either is quite powerful, but together, it would be somewaht overpowered, in my opinion. There would need to be huge drawbacks, beyond just making the guns cost about 15 points each…


LEADBELCHER BULLCENTAURS :D! funny idea grim :hat off

black hammer:

I love it. I’m totally going to make a model of that now.

The Brain:

I think this is the worst idea ever. :idea


I dunno, the idea is sweet but what would the unit actually do in game? Realistically, it seems to me, it would have perhaps 5 shots in any given turn - so I guess with high strength it would be useful for getting ogres and monsters and so on…

I think I just answered my own question.