[Archive] Bull Centaurs


This morning I got round to making some more Chaos Dwarfs, this time Bull Centaurs.

As always C&C welcome!




I’m just a beginner with green stuff and converting but I think I can give you some advice.

The first thing is the beard, don’t do it from a single piece of flatten gs, it’s better if you try to use more small “sausages”, the final effect is more rounded and more detailed. (Xander’s videos are great, watch them:) )

Another important thing, if you must convert something be sure to fill all the gaps and remove before the mold lines. I know it’s boring but if you always do these 2 things is half the job done.

The hat imho is a little too small down on the head but if you like it this way keep it :slight_smile:

You seem to have a lot of ideas but try to not overdo. It’s better to start with something easy and essential. You can add a world of details when you improve your gs skill, just try to keep everything as clean and simple as possible for now.

:hat off

Lord Archaon:

Your idea is cool, but i agree with Mind you need to practice with the beards.

P.S. If you are a biginer with greenstuff (as me:)) first practice on you main blocks of units as chaos dwarfs warriors and leave charecters and monster for converting at the end.(I know it’s very hard to resist of making them first :))
:hat off


Thanks for the replies :cheers

I did use Xanders method for the beards but sometimes I crushed it with my finger (:h) and had to start from one block, I promise they were good first time:P

Also I made these today as they are the only models I had to operate on and I was itching to get some CDs done, I am buying Skull Pass tommorow so this should help :wink:



Edit: I worked on these today and I have made them look quite a bit better, I won’t post new pics now but you may see them when they are painted.

Hashut’s Blessing:

As seems to be a recurring trend (due to the early hours at which I seem to scour the sight) I would need them painted to comment properly. But, I would say that perhaps the legs of the horses are slightly too long as is the length of the horse body. Shorten tehm a little bit and they’ll be incredibly good, IMO. Not that they aren’t already.


It is a bit hard to tell which part is meant to be what at this stage. Much easier when they are painted.


Nemo here’s a tip for weapon swaps cut your guys hand off the cut the hand off that you want then glue it on and walla it dosent look bent.

Traitor King:

Ahhh, Flattened greenstuff. I feel your pain brother!

What are you going to do to the hats next?


Are those pins that you’ve used as hats?

If so, I think it’s a good idea but they should probably be a little fatter.