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I was wondering of someone can help here. I need a model that looks a bit like this

Without the head of course. Its to do with my new legend of Zelda chaos army, it will include all sorts from various games Ocarina of Time,Twilight Princess,Majoras mask mainly. Im asking here because well where better to ask about bull models?


Ok, I don’t know where to find the Bull models, but my gosh… that would be such an awesome army. Please tell me you’re putting in Octorocks! Ooh! and Ironknuckles like the ones from Zelda 2!

I’m assuming the moblins will be orcs/goblins/hobgoblins. Or if nothing else at least the orcs.

Thats gonna be awesome, I can’t wait till you finish.

For the bulls, perhaps you could use the old Bull Centaurs without the Dwarf bit on top, and find/make a suitable head, or just use the Great Taurus. That’d work… except it wouldn’t be all mechanical.


Interesting idea. Zelda is my favorite game series of all time. Just a thought: Might work better with a wood elf army.

And of yeah. don’t forget to ad a model for this guy :slight_smile:



Well the ones I have planned so far are:

Twinrova=A pair of mounted Chaos sorcerers

Dead Hand=Chaos spawn


Bongo bongo=dont know what to use him as, but I just have to make him

Ganondorf=Chaos lord

Staflos=Chaos warriors

Blue/red/white/green bubbles=Furies

Phantom Ganon= Mounted Chaos lord

Poes=Screamers( I am unsure how to model them at the moment)

Gerudo Guards=Maruders

Note: I am only doing the evil enamies for this army.

If you have any ideas on how to make an Octorock/Ironknuckle and say what it could represent I would gladly make them. I dont think I will make Moblins, as I think they will look to much like orcs, and also since windwaker I have hated how they look.


That thing looks fantastic, it has a beard and everything.

There is this guy, it’s not quite what you’re looking for but it is supposed to be metal:


I prefer to use GW models, but that thing does look nice.

A little note:

I may use redeads as plaguebearers.

And since people seem to like this idea I will post a WIP picture of Dead hand later today.


I prefer to use GW models, but that thing does look nice.

A little note:
I may use redeads as plaguebearers.
And since people seem to like this idea I will post a WIP picture of Dead hand later today.

If you find a Great Taurus Model, it would be very possible with the extensive use of Plasticard and Green stuff to complete that model to your liking. :)


I promised a picture of my first legend of Zelda model today, I dont disappoint.

May I present the Mini-Boss of Kakariko Well, Dead Hand

It is still in WIP form but I will post painted pics later. The next guarenteed model is on the 15th, I am also direct ordering parts on that day as well so expect: Ganondorf,Twinrova and Stallord next.

thyrk the butcher:

cool goht funest boss ever
for ironkuncles i advise using chaos warriors with big bad ass axes
oh and are do gannon in moblin mode if so use as a demon prince

Ocarina of Time Bosses - Zelda Dungeon Wiki

please do volvagia and use him as chaos dragon


I dontr think I will use Ganon because I thing deamon princes are an “egg in a basket” unit. Also I know how to make Ganondorf (thats his normal form), and I already have enough titanic monsters already.

I am leaning more towards Argarok for my chaos dragon as I read the Ocarina of time manga and found the backstory for Volvogia. Its very sad and it was a good guy to start with.


I only just started playing Ocarina (got a lend of a gamecube off a friend). I’m excited as to what will be next in your army.


We’re going to need goron ogres, deku scrub and like like horrors, wolfos warhounds, flaming skull furies, iron knuckle warriors and a bongo bongo…uhm…wel maybe scrap the bongo bongo ;). I’d love to see what else you’re going to do. Still have to finish the damn game (being only at the fire temple at the moment :p)…

I really like like your dead hand <= I made a zelda joke :slight_smile:


thyrk the butcher:

cooooooooooooooooool idea must steal


I am looking SO much forward to the result of this :smiley:

- Tallhat


The new Juggernaut figure would do the job: