[Archive] bull mek


this week i got a brain storm of ideas

one of them are the bull mek or the engineer of the bull god:hashut

who is making the chaos dwarfs war machines?

not the warriors:hat,not the sorcerers:s,not the bull centaurs:hashut but the bull meks:hat off

heres the rules

           BULL MEK hero chose

           point cost:60pts


           M  WS  BS  S  T  W  I  A  Ld

           3    4    4   3  4   2  2  2   9

           Equipment: hand weapon.

           may have:

           *additional hand weapon 4 pts

           *great weapon              4 pts

           *blunder buss                5 pts

           may have.

           *light armour                 2 pts

           *heavy armour               4 pts

           special rules:

           may not be your army general.

           have the rules for chaos dwarfs.

           mek:if the bull mek is 6" from a  war machine he can fix it,

           on 4+ he repare 1W.Note he can not fix a war machine with

           full wounds.