[Archive] Bull Tauren (BC 'infantry')


As described in the thread here, I thought I’d try and put some rules together.

Bull Tauren… ? points/model

-                M WS BS S T W I A LdBulltaur (?)     5  4  3 4 4 1 2 2  9Hand of Hashut   5  4  3 4 4 1 2 3  9
(base size 20mm x 20mm)
Unitsize: 10+
Weapons & Armour: Hand weapon & heavy armour

- Bull Tauren may carry great weapons (+2 pts), or an additional hand weapon (+2 points).
- May carry a shield (+1 pt)
- Upgrade one Bulltaur up to a Musician for +9 points.
- Upgrade one Bulltaur to an Icon bearer for +18 points.
- Promote one Bulltaur to Hand of Hashut for +18 points.
- A unit of Bull Tauren may carry a banner worth up to 50 points.

Special Rules:

Hashut’s Chosen: Magic resistance (1)

Now this is as far as I’ve done so far. IMO they could do with something else adding, but I’m not sure what? Perhaps something like a bull rage, or an impact hit or something? They’ve already got a lot of attacks, so an impact hit is a bit much really.

I’m not really happy with the name either.


I like the Idea but I have no idea bout points.

~Muffin Man:~


20mm? I was picturing 25mm.

As for points, pretty high… 18? Special or Rare?


They could be unrestricted rare? Or 0-1??

I don’t see the need to put them on 25mm.��As infantry they would be the only ones on this in my list, which doesn’t seem necessary.


They could be unrestricted rare?��Or 0-1??

I don't see the need to put them on 25mm.��As infantry they would be the only ones on this in my list, which doesn't seem necessary.

with 2 attacks each - you do need to but them on 25mm

essentially with 20mm bases theyd get an extra 4 attacks for a 5v5 frontage over their 25mm counterparts.

thats why nasty things like orcs and chaos and lizards get 25mm not 20mm


Id also say 25mm due to the 2 attacks

:hat off ~MM


Looks pretty good, but yes the name doesn’t seem to work so I’ll throw an idea or two out there. Chosen of Hashut to me sounds pretty good, well thats I could come up with, yet reminiescent (sp) of the chosen of chaos unfortunately…


25 mm it is then.

Hashut’s Blessing:

+1S on the charge. Bull Rage. Is that something along the lines of what ya wanted? They should also have access to the 4+AS or start off with it. (P.S. I agree with the 25mm base…)


In my list that would come under ‘stone armour’, which would mean they couldn’t carry a shield, but would get 4+.��I’m not sure on this though as although they are rare with 2 attacks, and fast for dwarfs, that is 'ard armour as well. With only one wound as a rare infantry unit it might be worth it though?

+1 strength on the charge would be S7 if they have great weapons… :0

+1 attack at base strength on charge instead would be 4 basic attacks per model (with additional hand weapon)… :0

So I think both of those are out.

An idea I’ve just had;

Holy Vengeance:����AKA Rolling Thunder :slight_smile:

Roaring sacred oaths to their dark god as they race after vanquished foes, the Bull Tauren pound their enemies into the dust in righteous fury..

+1 movement when pursuing broken enemy units.


This may be of interest:


By our very own Hashut’s Chosen, while I was hunting for her website.