[Archive] Bull Taurus from Lamassu?


So I have a Lamassu model, but I don’t like the head at all. I was about to work on using a giant’s head with a new beard to make a new one, but then I realized the Lamassu is actually pretty bad compared to a Bull Taurus.

Anyone have any good ideas where to find a head that would be usable to be a Bull head on a Lamassu body? I am thinking loosly about making them interchangable incase the Lamassu becomes decent when our new list DOES come out.



A bloodthirster head would probably be a reasonable choice.


Well if ou have good skills with GS you might want to consider this:


At least as far as making a face goes…


I’m with Wallacer on this. The new bloodthirster head works an absolute treat. Unfortunately cant remember where i saw it though.

Good luck!


MAtty :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well, minotaur heads will do the job allright, being bulls themselves…


Ahh good idea about the minotaur. I have a bunch of those. I’ll make that work for now unless I come across a bloodthirster head that looks good.



I personally think the classic 'thirster head works better for the Lammasu, the new one is more Taurusish


i’ve PMed you about this n10cd123…