[Archive] Bunch of 40k CSM stuff (3.5k-4.5k pts)


I have a few thousand (I’d guess 3-4.5k) in CSMs that I have no

ambition to use or continue working on, so I’m letting people know in

case someone happens to be interested. So they’re up for sale/trade

(although I don’t know what I’m looking for in trade, but the option

is there)

There are very few painted figs (mainly just a few random marines I

tried to test-paint) in this lot, and those that are can be easily

stripped or painted over, whatever floats your boat.

Some of the stuff included (because I’m sure I’ll forget something):

1 Dreadnought (old metal 2-pc imperial nonsense)

1 new chaos lord with jump pack (in blister)

~16 Old-style Raptors (including 2 with flamers, and 2 old champs)

2 new raptor champs /w LC pairs

3 rhinos (2 old style, 1 new style)

1 predator (old style)

1 Land Raider

3 obliterators (2 still in blister, all 3 are new style)

1 greater demon of slaanesh

1 emperor’s children box set (2 extra sonic blaster bits pairs as well)

2 iron warriors box sets (an extra LC or 2)

1 chaos havoc (lascannon)

somewhere between 18 and 30 generic CSMs from various editions (all

are plastic though)

1 abaddon

5 LC pair terminators in bitz (all new plastics)

2 old style termies with reaper ACs (1 in blister)

2 old style termies with combi-flamers (1 in blister)

1 old style termy with combi-melta

2 generic old style termies (1 has a chainfist I think)

bunch of chainaxe/sword and berserker head bitz

10 new-style possessed

2 chaos sorcerers (1 still in package, other in bitz- model with staff)

~2 sets of new possessed wings

~5 chaos bikers

4 sets of power armor lightning claws (for chosen)

As I said I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I can round stuff up

if someone would like to see it all in person. Haven’t really thought

of a value yet so I’d be open to offers people would put out there.

Also have the new CSM codex as well should someone who would get this

not have one.