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Vessorine :

Hi guys/gals

I just got a reply from Forgeworld about the Burning Bright rule query from thier FAQ, and thought I would share it. The FAQ question is -

Q. Do I roll for the K�?Tdaai �?~Burning Bright�?T rule at the start of each player turn after the 2nd?

A. No, at the start of each game turn after the 2nd

Now this confused me a little as the TToC book states you role from the second turn. Now I initially thought it was just clearing up the Player Vs Game turn even though its clear in the book so I sent the following-

So You roll for Burning Bright each game turn but which turn do you start rolling from?

The FAQ states you roll each player turn AFTER the 2nd turn! The book states FROM the second turn onwards!

So do I roll the first test on the 3rd turn (FAQ) or the 2nd  turn (TToC book)???

The reply was-

The Burning Bright rules takes place from the 3rd GAME turn onwards, NOT player turn

So unless they misunderstood my question (but its pretty clear) it now means we start rolling toughness test on turn 3 instead of turn 2! This is a nice change as we can now get quite close to the enemy before we start falling appart, making the fireborn an even better choice.

So is this new to people, or have I been the only one testing on turn 2?



You are the only one who has been testing on turn 2. But not all is in vain though. As you have gotten forgeworld to say most clearly what we as a group have debated for a while. Which is the vagueness nature of the FAQ and the burning bright rule. Some said it meant turn 2 and some (me included) said it meant turn 3 since it did say after turn two. Now thanks to your reply from forgeworld, there can be no more debate. It is clearly stated turn 3 thanks to them.

So thank you for getting an iron lock from forgeworld on this question. Yes do not begin testing till turn 3, which is a massive boost for fireborn. The lil goobers do kinda suck for the price point against most things of equal cost. Yes yes I know I will get many arguments about that comment.


Finally it’s clear enough.


Thanks Vessorine.

I used to test starting on the 2nd round before the FAQ, then on the 3rd round, then switched back again to testing on the 2nd round. Now I’ll go back to testing from the 3rd round!

It’s not very relevant for the Destroyer but it’s a huge improvement for Fireborn, almost makes them worth their points.


thanks for sharing

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Hashut’s Blessing:

As a heads up, it’s not an official ruling unless it’s in an FAQ/errata or the books themselves. Also, 12 people could ask this question and get 16 different answers.

It’s the best we have to an FAQ until we get a new one addressing it, but it’s not technically official as proof (however, the FAQ says it anyway, so…).


so in a 6 turn game I take the test 3 times? Just wanna make sure I got it right.



Correct you will test at the start off each turn (not player turn). At games end if the unit is alive you will have tested 4 times, top of 3, 4,5 and 6. So four test all said and done as you skip turns 1 and 2.


ohh you even caught my mistake there, thanks got it now :slight_smile:


I’ve always tested on turn 2 as well so it’s nice to get an extra turn without the test.



Hashut’s Blessing:

The update to the FAQ has corrected this so that it’s now as it should be - inclusive of turn 2.