[Archive] buying a camera (need help )

Kera foehunter:

This is something i know nothing about !!!

I want it for taking pictures !! like my minni and other thing

im looking for something around the 100.oo to 150.oo dollars what do i need to look for and it has to be simple to use

and don’t have 1000 page tell how to use it

Pyro Stick:

When i was in america last year i bought a 10.1 megapixel camera there for about $95. I couldnt find it on the website i bought it on but i found it on walmart.com for just about the same price:

Robot or human?

This is still the one i use and i think its great. If you are getting one to take pics of your models make sure it has Macro.


I’d recomend a kodak, mine is a Z710 I got for about $138, it’s a 7.1 and works great.

Hashut’s Blessing:

High pixel count, order it from Japan, make sure it has a macro function, make sure it has a memory card and if not, order one with it.

That’s the best I can suggest.

Pyro Stick:

High pixel count, order it from Japan, make sure it has a macro function, make sure it has a memory card and if not, order one with it.

That's the best I can suggest.

Hashut's Blessing
If you get one with a high pixel count then make sure you get a good sd card, 2gb at least.

Kera foehunter:

what is that thing i need to get, to down load pictures chip to the computer

Viskar Zhragoth:

The camera should come with a usb cord to connect to your computer. You should get a camera with a SD memory card (small plastic memory device, about 1/2 inch by 1 inch or so…) 2 GB is probably the best beginning size and relatively cheap ones are available right now for Xmas…I think I saw a 2GB for 10.00 at Wal-mart, adn they have one online for 7.00 here http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=10752274

Most cameras also come with software to download or manage photos. I actually prefer to use my computer to access the drive directly rather than rely on software to do it, but some of the software can work really well.

For minis, macro is a must. Getting a camera with this is worth a little extra if you need it…

Hope that helps.

Viskar Zhragoth


I have a Canon Digital Ixus 70, and it is great. At least for what I use it for. Minis and the occasional tournament.

To summarize:

Check that it includes a macro function (most cameras do now though), my camera has a min. focus-something of 3cm, it works ok for miniatures.

Make sure it comes with its own data cable (again, any decent camera will have it as standard)

Get a good memory card, again I think most run on SD memorycards so make sure to pick one of those. The ones with the camera are usually not much to brag about. You’ll probably be able to get a pack of 2 for 30 bucks or so. Probably much less if you shop around.

Haggle them into giving you an extra battery (might be better to go to a photostore and not cough Walmart). And if you’re really cheeky, bring a miniature and make them show you how to get a good picture! I have always wanted to do that… (I got my camera on a sort of local version of “Black Friday” and it was a spur of the moment thing, well, I had been thinking about getting one for a while). While the charger isn’t that weighty to lug around you might find that there’s nowhere to plug it in in the middle of a tournament or something. And you wouldn’t want to be without the camera for the duration.

Don’t get tricked into buying a tripod. It’ll be completely useless for mini photographing, well at least it was for me and the same for a friend of mine. At least for casual mini photoing, the tripod raises the camera too high over the mini and it doesn’t steady much compared to just putting it flat on the desk…

A soft leather case for the camera might be an idea. Depends on how and how much you use it, I lug mine around in back back a lot where it jostles with mobile phone and other stuff. At first I felt sort of tricked by the saleswoman who suggested it but I’ve come to realise it was probably a good idea after all. More so than the tripod.

You won’t need any extra software to d/l pictures or edit them (so don’t pay any extra for “this got good software”) but the software that comes with it is usually fairly useful. I don’t use it much but I was impressed by the Canon software that adjusted images taken in room light to more “natural” colours. Automatically.


re: tripod

I don’t think they are useless - far from it in my opinion. A full size tripod might be useless but one of those small, desktop jobs are awesome. Placing the camera on the desktop will only get you so far - if the mini you’re shooting is tall, say a CD on Lammasu, or a Bloodthirster or something, you’re going to be stuck with a knee view of it. Sure, you can fix this by placing the camera further away or raising it on books or boxes, but ultimately you are limited by their placement. After awhile, its going to be a lot of bother repositioning books, or things on the desktop to place the camera further away. Shooting dioramas or your entire army might become a real chore.

A desktop tripod can be bought for about $10-20 Cdn (7-16 US, maybe 5 Euros, /shrug) and will allow you to adjust the height of the camera nicely, and also the angle of the camera as well. It will give you a very stable platform with which to take long exposure photos.

I don’t think you need a tripod right off the bat, but in the long term, I think its a good investment.

Kera foehunter:

well i have to decide on a camera first!!!

i hope it easyer than picking out a pair of shoes

thanks guys

Pyro Stick:

Don't get tricked into buying a tripod. It'll be completely useless for mini photographing, well at least it was for me and the same for a friend of mine. At least for casual mini photoing, the tripod raises the camera too high over the mini and it doesn't steady much compared to just putting it flat on the desk...

What rubbish. You must of bought a crappy tripod then. Im just about to buy a Gorillapod and i can tell that its going to be excellent for taking clearer pics. If the tripod raises the camera too high then buy a mini tripod or raise the minis higher.


Some tech points:

Assuming teh same size of CD is used in a camera, picture quality increases by Pixel Count on a bell curve. Most consumer camersa have the top of this bell curve at around 3-5 megapixels. Beyond this you may suffer optical degredaton.

Also, never buy Digital Zoom. It again leads to optical degredation.

Kera foehunter:

ok* kera wrighting this down*


Hi Kira :slight_smile:

I’ll ask Vasquez when I come home, she knows a lot about camera and that sort of stuff :slight_smile:

And I hope think she might know something about what you should look for, when buying one.

Cheers untill then my friend :slight_smile:


Hey Kera ^^

What are you gonna use the camera for?

Do you need it to take big and clear pics or just acceptable stuff?

I hope I’ll be able to help you, when I know what sort of things you need it to be able to ^


Key Points…

1) Macro Mode (usually a Flower Icon)
2) SD card Compatibility (this is the cheapest media available at the moment)
3) Shutter Speed adjustment
4) A good auto focus or manual focus setting
5) Mount Point for Tripod
6) Light source setting
7) EVF capability (this is more personal… its the old fashion viewfinders is all… I find they are more accurate to the final picture than the LCD.
8) Minimum of a 5x OPTICAL zoom… Don’t even look at the digital zoom as a feature.
9) Above 3 Megapixels. 5 to 6 is optimum as its good for both miniatures and normal photos…

My personal camera is a Kodak Easyshare z650 It doesn’t have everything I stated above (but I really wish it did) but I stand by it… But Olympus is another ok brand in that price range… Another good point in the camera is it being comfortable to hold… if the camera seems awkward in ANY way while you hold it… its not worth it… you will find this will cause problems getting good photos.

Another good way to find a quality camera is look at the highest priced ones… look at the brands… then look for those brands in the lower price range… then compare what you find against each other… Most camera companies only make a few base components. and you will find that the low end cameras are really the same as the expensive ones but lack the extra options and accessories… but all the lenses and electronics are pretty much the same quality as they are made on the same machinery.
And don’t be afraid to ask the photo processor as they sometimes know what they are talking about… or other customers that are looking at the high end cameras.

Kera foehunter:

see my problem is trying to learn all thows

1 thew 9 stuff!!! i wish they have a dvd to show how to do it !!!

reading the manuels don’t explane nothing to me with there

terms it a whole new lanuage to me with no one to tech me!!!

so this is my second it problem!!!


it’s ok kera, just take a deep breath and let it out slowly, relax a bit and take another deep breath.

Don’t try to memorize it all kera… Just write down a list of the things you like to photgraph. Once you’ve done that, take a look at the comments here, although most of them are saying the same things really. Different types of pictures will require a different camera set up. The more types of pictures you want to do, the more specs your camera will need and the more it will cost. So, narrow it down to what you must have versus what would be nice to have and please, don’t rush your purchase… (you mentioned you have to pick on fast, why?)

Kera foehunter:

im in no rush

i have a olmpus c-3000 my bf gave me ! but i don’t have the paper work !!

this is why i want a simple camera!!!i don’t want to rely on him to always help me take my pictures!!! it like !! bla bla move this bla bla don’t use auto focas

bal bla !! but i want something simple to take pictures

point click picture!!!

i want to be able to use a camera. with out relying on other !!

This is my problem

now does this make more since

i was wounding if they have a camera that sells a dvd with it that will show me how to use it!