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Kera foehunter:

Do you think the young chaos Dwarfs would Also have intercity gang

Like youth of today or would it be more of a faimly clann type of gangs. That are lead by the youth eather to do do raiding party on fellow clann or to do raiding on other races that border on the Motherland

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think it’d just be more like clan rivalries, showing off which family is better at everything and has more money and slaves etc…


I do not think in society like Cd one they would be allowed to hang around in gangs… also it could be really dangerous for a teen-dwarf to hang around without a reason.

But yes, it would super funny to imagine gansta-dwarfs against Latin-dwarfs or metal-dwarfs hihihh :slight_smile:


I have to say Kera, that sounds like a potential gold mine of conversion opportunities! Actually, gangs of chaos dwarves of a sort of Young Turk type might be an interesting thing to add to an army… where is that green stuff!

I actually wonder if an evironment like Sharr Naggarund, all industrial and damaged and probably claustraphobic might not plausibly create that sort of gang culture - perhaps for fluff they could be young chaos dwarves that swear demonically enforced oaths of brotherhood and loyalty and are often at odds with the conservative priests - the young ones want to go out into the world and duff over all comers, and the older hierarchy wants to keep the slave trains running.

Dead Kennedy:

I could totally picture this happening. Chaos Dwarfs seem apt to exploit and domineer others, and they’d probably start with other dwarfs, bullying people in the neighborhood and those of different classes, clans, etc. They’re a race that naturally takes to bullying and exercising power, and a turf war with other youths would seem a natural outlet.

The other side of things: CD kids probably wouldn’t get out much, they’d probably have a pretty regularized family/clan life and be “too busy with school and work”. You’d have to be a pretty rebellious one to sneak out of the house to go make trouble. Also, Dwarfs live a much longer time! A band of youths by their standards could mean a bunch of thirty year olds.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thinking about it, if people want to do this sort of thing, why not create a Black Dwarfs warband using the Border Town Burning rules in Mordheim? The head of the gang would obviously be able to do SOME kind of casting, after all. Gaolers can be the really aggressive ones/agitators/bullies. Bull Centaur if you want. Informants seem fitting if it’s a crime gang, rather than a teen gang. Go nuts, lol.

I still, personally, am more under the impression that they have simple clan rivalries…


I think I’d go with clan rivalries - like Romeo and Juliet (Montague vs Capulet) except with Chaos Dwarfs.

That would be sweet, by the way. I actually think Chaos Dwarfs could do the Shakespeare thing very well indeed.


I honestly never thought Chaos Dwarfs had ‘youths’ or babies I just thought they came out with Dreadlocked beards with Handweapons and Shields ready to fight.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would think the clan leaders would keep a pretty tight rein on things, and any violent tribalistic impulses would take place within the clan framework, rather than a gang framework.


They’d probably act like I would…

If a gang shows up, they’d be hunted down and killed for claiming territory belonging to the Empire.

I could see some sort of perverted form of guilds, or clans… but that would be reflected in different emblems or colors for units… and unlikely to get more violent than ritualized combat (duels, having slaves fighting in arenas, etc).

Why risk your neck, when you can let the slaves do the dying? Plus the Chaos Dwarfs seem rather theocratic/totalitarian.


IMO there are not such “things” as gangs in the Chaos Dwarf Society!

The Sorcerers/Priests reign with a rigid “hand”! They wouldn´t accept gangs which undermine their authority!

… and I believe that the young CDs haven´t the time to establish such things as gangs, cause IMO they must follow the special training and education programms of their clans! :hat


Kera foehunter:

I think they be like the crips and bloods. Then as they grow up it be hat and masks !!! But like most teen age males they need to hang out and from there clicks! or Gangs ! They also want to try out there new lession on throws who haven’t learn that one !! to show that there a better warrior