[Archive] C D suicide bombers

Evil Fordy:

Any input for rules/points would be nice



I’m sure it goes without saying, but given the real world implications of suicide bombers can we please bear the forum rules in mind when responding.

If anybody gets offended then discuss it via PM.


no, just no

Knight Of Awsome:

no, just no

well if they were hobgoblins...sounds like something for O&G. I think it really has some potential:cheers

Evil Fordy:

OH come on!!! im thinking they could jump out of a unit like Night Goblin Fanatics


i wrote something like that. But you can get 1 for every 5 slaves(hob goblins) And it is the small blast template strength 4 and hurts your own guys.(because they dont run out.


A drunken hobgoblin carrying bottles of “alchimical fire” hidden in a unit and exploding after charging the ennemy unit, blasting them and other hobgoblins. That would be something CD could enjoy. Although I dont see them as a supported unit.


there were rules in the 3rd edition book for suicide bombers (nipon), chaos dwarfs would not themselves but would probebly set some of thier slaves “free” to join thier friends again, then boom!!

Kera foehunter:

Ha ha lol i can see them come up in there low riders packing blunderbusses and hoppin up to the ranks of there foes BOOM!!!cool idea

Hashut’s Blessing:

i don’t see the need. Sure, they’re just slaves. But, it’s not what hobgoblins do. Explosions are not sneaky really. In very rare circumstances, but this isn’t one of them. As for Chaos Dwarfs doing it, too few in number to waste their own lives and they don’t want to die anyway. Not to mention, it’s trying to add even more special rules. Whenever people come up with a new CD unit, it always has to have special rules now. Special rules everywhere makes an army too complex and against n00bs, too time-consuming.

IMHO, it is a bad idea. Sorry. Good idea for O&G (they have fewer special rules as is), but not for us.

Evil Fordy:

well im gonna do it anyway so nhas any1 got rules/points ideas


I wrote some rules for an ‘upgrade’ for hobgoblins.��I’ll modify it a little to cover hobgoblins as they are atm:


- Units of Hobgoblin Boyz can be upgraded to Fire Bombaz for +2 points/ model.��The unit are equipped with Fire Bombz and cannot choose any other equipment, they can however be given armour and/or shields as usual.

- Fire Bombz are a Flaming Strength 4 thrown weapon, with a range of 10".��Rolls of 1 to wound an enemy are distributed as automatic wounds throughout the Hobgoblin unit instead, as they foolishly miss-time the fuses!

- You cannot have more units of Fire Bombaz than Hobgoblin Boyz.

So these guys aren’t quite suicide bombers, but may accidently blow themselves up!

Evil Fordy:

Thanks Grimstonefire

any ideas are greatfully received


It does seem to be a little more than is necessary.

Remember that CDs are based on Assyrians and such, not modern day religious fundamentalists. I don’t think that it would fit the army at all. As was said, its much more Night Goblin feeling to me. I think a better idea would be certain hobgoblins that have been “modified” in experiements by the CDs and would be fitted with all sorts of weird, demonic bits of machinery (similar to arco-flagellants in 40k).