[Archive] Calling all Illustrators!


In and amongst the spare time I’m also writing the first of my AD&D adventures for 2nd edition or 1st for that matter. Yes being older I like the older editions. i don’t mind playing 3 or 4e but DMing them is a pain

So what I’m looking for is a few Black and White Illustrations with perhaps 1 color piece.

Now I realize there are a ton of illustrators for the Word of Hashut but I figured I’d throw this out to everyone as there might be people who feel their style isn’t suitable for the Word of Hashut but might be interested in this. Word of Hashut Illustrators take note I will consider you guys too, but I don’t want to overburden anyone.

The style I’m looking for is a bit more old school (see below). Ideally I’d like one person to contribute for the whole thing so that the whole module has a cohesive feel.

Here is an example:

Interested? Let me know.