[Archive] can i play with madness (i mean blood bowl)

the trooper:


finally i have found a way to make my beloved chaos stunies:BLOODBOWL!!!

I do have the following units allready:-10blunderbusses

-an earthshaker(oh yea baby 3 euro on ebay)

And can make the rest of my troopers of hashut from the bloodbowl team.

I am pretty excited and want to finish a 2k army in the next to monds.

Now is the question can it be done,do the bloodbowl chaos dwarfs and hobgoblins make good troops for hashut?

may hashut bless you with a great hat and beard brothers!!!:cheers

The Flying Beaver:

The Blood bowl models are pretty good, but you’ll find it very expensive to collect an army of just these metal models. You’d probably be better off using ebay to get whatever CD models you can.