[Archive] can opener charity gaming day

richard barby:

as my club in new zealand yesterday we had a charity day called canopener running warhammer blood bowl 40k warmachine and blood bowl

the theme of the day was cans for rerolls the casn went to the auckland city mission and the cash after the costs went to a christchurch charity.

i ran the warhammer on the day we had 15 players so i had to play as the ghost picking up the bye running a fluffy chaos dwarf army. i had been hopeing not to play as it would of left me time to be the TO instead of speed hammering games as well

it was 5 rounds 1600 points along with the other games we raised over 500 cans and some money to give to charity.

it was a cool day if we do it again we will play 4 rounds instead of 5

it was won by a skaven player who brought 120 cans for the day

im hopeing it will be on youtube soon look under valusc he was the skaven player who won 4 wins and a draw