[Archive] can you dance

Kera foehunter:

i see that every one her a drinker but can you dance

well i can i ballroom dance country line dance and even busta move too :hat off


I can wobble around the dance floor while music is playing. It doesn’t generally match the music very well. I have rhythm, I just can’t use it to move my body at the right times.

Lord Darkash:

Used to do Tap and Modern Jazz dance when i was a lot younger, and Ballet when i was younger still. My mum had showbiz aspirations she tried to force onto me. Didn’t work really.

Other than those days gone by i can fail to bust-a-move with the best of 'em!


Asking chaos dwarf players if they can dance is like asking bulimics if they like to eat and not purge. In other words both run counter to their nature.

Thommy H:

Yes. I’m amazing.


Asking chaos dwarf players if they can dance is like asking bulimics if they like to eat and not purge. In other words both run counter to their nature.

It's the coiled beards. Only gets in the way.

Kera foehunter:

Sad sad sad well since it the beards . i bet the ogre can squar dance?

Ghrask Dragh:

Hell yeah!! this is me kickin’ it old-skool way back when…



Thommy H:

I am sorely tempted to post the youtube that does actually show me dancing, but I’m not sure I know any of you well enough…


Ill be honest, Im too fat to dance with any real skill…

But I toga better than anyone.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I can slow dance, but who can’t? I can do dancing to make people laugh (if they’re the right people). I can (or at least used to be able to) break dance. I can also do any pre-choreographed dance…


I love square dancing. It is so much fun.

Kera foehunter:

I know you guys can do this one !! sorta chaos dwarfish

if you still can’t just watch the girls!!!


Hashut’s Blessing:

I think this is a better (and most of us can do it too :smiley: ) version: Enjoy!


Hi lol funny topic

My job is a dance teacher in primary/high schools and university I have a BA (hons) in dance and digital practice and am currently studying for my masters!

I can do

Bboyin (breakdance) been in three crews and battled World Bboy champion Bboy Mouse, im a power head!

Hip-Hop (funk styles, locking, ticking, popping, waves, krumping),

Tricking Martial Arts (parkour stuff btwists,sideswipes somersaults)


Contemporary Dance (worked alongside Phoenix Dance Theatre)

Physical Theatre styles

Musical Theatre (Fosse)

Not sure my CD can dance though, although they make the slaves do it sometimes for amusement! :cheers

Father Grumpmas:

Photographic evidence that I can’t dance


I’m the guy in the kilt on the left - if you drop your cursor on me you will notice that I am not enjoying it at all.

Notice sexy five tassel sporran as opposed to wimpy Carl’s two tassel job :o


hahaha, well, oddly enough my rhythm improves as the level of alcohol I consume increases… or at least I care less what people think.

I have NO professional dance training, and it shows (when given the choice by my mother, I chose baseball over ballet - no regrets). but I make do and manage well enough at clubs. I’m not good at dancing WITH people though… I prefer doing my own thing and not having to follow someone else’s lead.

I dunno Grumpmas… you look like you’re rocking out :slight_smile:


i took salsa-jive lessons for about a year, passed my beginner course and started on the advanced one, but then our games night moved so that it clashed with Salsa, and i had to choose between them…


or games & beer…


I can stage-dance, which means I can join in a group of other people moving in a way to  a rythm, I can also do lead, but only on stage in make-up, off stage I cannot dance at all:)

also, unlike the rest of you boozys, I don’t drink, not enough money:~

Kera foehunter:

well to all you non dancer this is one you can all do

  even you father Grumpmas!!!  the more you drink the better you dance :hat off