[Archive] Can you only use Gobbo's and Orcs or?


I have asked this question with a few players over here in OZ on whether CD’s can use only normal gobbo’s and orc from the new 7th ed book or are we open to use the likes of Night goblins and spider riders. Forgive me if this has been asked before:hat off

If so is it worth for cost of a special choice a unit of spider riders? Cheers

Traitor King:

Nope, we can only use the units detailed in the Ravenging Hordes list, so only Common Goblins, Orc boys and Blorcs


and arrer boyz…

WD 351 which is what allows to use units form the actual O&G book…

states that we may use:

1) Common Goblins

2) Arrer Boyz

3) Orc Boyz

4) 0-1 Black Orcs

and that all green (except Blorcs) in the army including hobgoblins use the O&G animosity table…


You can also use the big un upgrade if you like:hat


it really goes without saying… they are our unit entries exactly as they are written…

they may take any of the options listed therein…

The Flying Beaver:

Except magic banners from the O&G list, remember.


Thanks guys I thought as much, but just wanted to check. :cheers


the unit entries do not allow magic banners for the O&G list…
they only allow Banners… and they must be selected from the army list…
so in a CD Army they are only allowed to have banners that are accessable in that army…
ond in a O&G army they are only allowed to have banner that are accessable in that army…


A shame we cant use Spider Riders though. I love those.

- Tallhat