[Archive] Capturing standards...?


From warseer about the new book

Bestigor capture standards if they simply win a round of combat, get to add it (and any others they capture) to their combat res.
Whilst I am trying to think through all the consequences of this, would it be totally broken to have a CD unit or two with this as a special rule?

The idea being that it would represent slavers feeling better by all those they have enslaved.

Random thought.


Not necessarily.

Though Bestigor are now a Special slot with pretty much nothing going for them.

Abilities like this though really are going to push the whole “not taking a banner on most units” trend going on. Unless 8th as rumoured does something to promote usage of banners.

In essence you only give a banner to a unit you are not expecting to be going to do any loosing anyway. Bestigors aren’t good enough to beat those units.

I’d think most CD units would suffer from the same problem.


What an awefull and terrible rumor in any way you can look at it…