[Archive] casting disaster


I filled the mold i made with some plastic resin i bought, however it came through the bottem of the mold, even though i had it held together with rubber bands, so long story short i don’t have any new models, but i have a plastic coat on the top of my work bench.

any tips?

Pyro Stick:

How could the resin have come through the bottom of the mould?


does it closes good, so no cracks and else you could try to find holes in the bottom and fill the holes

Kera foehunter:

I glade it a work bench Ash.

Test mold with water to see if you have any leak before you pour next time !!!


I do my pouring, both for the mold and the casting, in a pie tin, about 12" across. I place my molds in the middle and it catches the overpour and mess. After it cures, you can peel or scrape it off.

It sounds like the mold isn’t closing properly, or if you’re using vents, they are pointing downward. I haven’t had a problem with this myself - I tend to put my vents all over the place, sideways, bottom, top - wherever convenient.

Alternatively, you might be using just way too much resin.