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I’ve seen a lot of people talk in posts about casting, and while I know what it is I’m wondering what people use to cast, and what sort of methodology they go through stepwise in order to make a model?

The reason I’m asking is because for one like me who’s conversion skills are luck-based, 1 good looking model may be all we get out of an entire set (sounds like a waste of time and parts doesn’t it?) so being able to recast that good one to make an entire set is ++good.

I’m assuming that people are using rasin/resin or another similar material? What are the expenses price-wise?

Heck, with enough input perhaps this thread could even be turned into a primer or conversion guide at some point (not to get my hopes too high- but it could be helpful for others besides myself).


I only cast scenery pieces in moulds from Hirst Arts and these are done with Herculite (Strong plaster). I know someone who does resin casting though so can put you in touch if you want to ask him some questions?


Resin is fairly cheap, Check out the Useful Hobby Links sticky here.

Big problem though is the air bubbles.  Loads of tiny ones that you have to fill with GS.

Metal casting (DIY) set me back about £120 as a rough guide.

Contract casting of say 6-8 figures would come out more like £150 minimum.


im currently trying my hand at casting and managed to get both the rubber for making th moulds and the resin for the modrld for £30, however prices seem to vary allot depending on availability where you live


I use 2 part Alumilite Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) Rubber for the moulds and a 2 part Resin for actual casting. Its relatively easy to use and clean up and you get results pretty quickly. I’m currently on the hunt for “Smooth On” resin as it is supposed to eliminate a lot of problems with air bubbles and similar casting problems.

The most important things to have when casting is Patience and Planning. Getting the mould set up right is worth the trouble.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I have done a lot of resin casting during the past years and have had both very good and very bad results with it. What’s good about this method is that you get results quickly, with both fast-vulcanizing silicone rubbers and two-part resins that will harden within less than 30 minutes.

What I would like to try some time is white metal casting, as the heavier metal has a lot more quality appeal to it than the lightweight resin (and also has some more advantages, e.g. that it can be molten and re-cast anytime). Are there any tutorials on the net for people who want to create their own spin casting machine?


I am V interested in dabbling with a bit of casting. I don’t even know where to start! I’ll watch this thread with interest, has anyone done a resin casting tutorial on this site before! It would be a handy insight as from what I’ve read on various modeling web sites, it’s relativey cheap and easy once you know what you’re doing.


i could make a 1 piece resin casting tutorial in about 10 minutes unless you wanted pics, 2 piece im still having trouble with myself. filling air bubbles with putty! yes thats a pain, especially when its on a bit of detail (the last 1 i did it was chun li’s left boob missing)

i think the whole resin lot set me back about £60 to £70, including lots of random stuff i never thought i would need. will probably last me a good while though.

the hirst arts tutorial is probably the best one for mold making

Making Your Own Molds | Hirst Arts

ishkur - i did once think about making my own spin caster. i would be a circle of mdf mounted on ball bearings with a 10mm hex bit attatched to the bottom. it would be on legs, so i could get my impact screw driver under and spin it, its got enough power to do it (3200 lbs of tourqe) and vibrates at the same time (its made to put screws straight through steel). a;; it would need would be something to hold the molds in place. i think it would be fairly cheap as i already own a good thing to make it spin. it would probably work if it had something an ordinary drill chuck could fix around.

probably worth looking into if i want to start casting in metal, for the resin im just looking at making a vibrating mold box.

GRDNL - is alumilite any good? ive heard stuff about it but dont really know what it is.


GRDNL - is alumilite any good? ive heard stuff about it but dont really know what it is.

I don't have much experience in a lot of resins, but for what I've wanted to cast I've gotten good results from it. It mixes easily and blooms in about 2 mins and cures in about 10. I mostly cast bits for my lizardmen army using 2 part moulds. I do get air bubbles here and there, but its mostly in sharp edges. They are easy to deal with. For larger pieces, I've tried two-step pouring with good results. I'd definitely recommend the Alumilite Resin cast kit if you don't have specific requirements to live up to.

This is the kit I've been using: http://www.alumilite.com/ProdDetail.cfm?Category=Starter%20Kits&Name=Super%20Casting%20Kit

Ishkur Cinderhat:

@torn: this is pretty much the construction that I though of, too. Only that I am afraid the whole thing might break apart (and shoot parts and molten metal through the room) as soon as I activate the power drill…


i have here my plans for a spincaster and vibrating mold box.

both should work and be fairly solid if constructed out of the right materials.

2x2 and 1" mdf should be fine, with possibly support brackets on the octagon (much easier than making a circle work). the only trouble would be getting the 1/4" hex the drill attaches to to not just snap off having to move the weight of the spinning top. of course with a high torque variable setting drill this would be fine.

im not sure if these pictures are very readable but you can see the basic drawing designs

better pics can be seen here



well i recieved my casting stuff today so i will let you all know how its going after i hav had a go with them. i also found the hirst arts pages on casting and mould making to be very useful, also ebay can be a good way to find the supplies.