[Archive] CD Allies army list


I wrote this a couple of months back. rather than leave it languishing on my PC I figured I’d at least stick it out there for people to look at. Any comments are welcome, it could do with a lot of extra work and is by no means finished.



Hmm… We kind of have everything here covered already. Only thing that might potentially be added to this project is magic items.

In the meantime, please do look over the various threads regarding different sections of the army and comment on how your vision differs.


generally i like it… more than most of what is going on here…

i could see CDs being done this way…


I can’t really see where you have “everything here covered already”. The idea is mostly about allies rather than stats or special rules (which I pretty much kept to a minimum and there isn’t anything new). The split list is something altogether different. I don’t really have time to critique all the random rules that people having been coming up with, so I’ll wait until they get ironed out a little more by everyone else. not only that, but it gets pretty confusing when people edit the original post so much so that a lot of the comments don’t apply any more and it is hard to keep track of what everything is referring to.

I’ll just sit back for now and wait for the dust to settle.


well said…

do you think there is room for a special character or 2 in here cornixt?
perhaps Zhatan and Astragoth… and have them replace the Lord entry (which i find a bit werid)…
and include the Bull beast with Zhatan…

keeps it more inline with the Kislev precedent that way… streamlined…


—The Bull Centaur Lord is about half the price he should be, and exactly the same price as the Hero, which makes me think that should be 200pts instead of 100. Sounds like a typo.

—Why does the Sorcerer get WS5 and S4 and 2 Attacks? They are underpriced without the bonuses. And Chaos Armor as well?

—Other than that there is not a whole lot that can be complained about, except maybe that I wish you had done something more with it.


I tried to keep stuff to a minimum. The first draft had Astragoth and a new Lord, but I dumped them for generic entries which would be much more useful than special characters and we don’t have to copy Kislev to the letter. I wanted a bit of punch from our Sorcerers so that people would take them more than normal Lords, to reflect CD society a bit more. Maybe I changed a bit more things more than I remembered earlier! I’ll sort out some of the obvious typos when I get the chance. Thanks for the comments.