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Random topic after seeing the Astromancer terrain.

Would CD have any interest in astronomy do you think?

Hashut’s Blessing:

We tried to go to Morrslieb - I think we have some interest of space’s contents, even if not studying it (beyond magic and rites, plus binding).


We tried to go to Morrslieb - I think we have some interest of space's contents, even if not studying it (beyond magic and rites, plus binding).

Hashut's Blessing
OH yes, the rockets that misfired and only cleared zhaar nagarund by a few feet and killed that hobtribe..... NEVER AGAIN

But a astromer chaos dwarfs would fit in with my dwarfs background , being scientists and stuff


Being engineers, scientits , astronomicians (etc…) is something indissociable I think (when a civilisation is interested in sciences ).

By the way CD worship Hashut , they might look for some kind of " messages" of their god , and some of them are usually interpreted by events happening in skies !


I would assume CD have an at least passing interest in navigation, since they build ships and land trains and so forth. So I would assume that as a consequence of that they would have some interest in astronomy.


The ancient Mesopotamians were most interested in astronomy. Many historians believe that the ziggurats were not only temples and “ladders to the sky”, but also observatories for priests/astrologists. Considering this, it seem natural that the Chaos Dwarfs (who with 5th edition got based on Mesopotamians) would have an interest in astronomy. Perhaps there are Lore of Heaven Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers, but certainly observation of the celestial is of some importance to the Sorcerer caste’s occult doings, probably alongside practices such as ritual sacrifice, reading of innards and recording how skulls crack as they are thrown into a fire. As Parish said, it’s a way of looking for messages from Hashut.

As wallacer mentioned, astronomy is also essential for navigation, which is of a practical value for the Dawi Zharr. The evil stunties do not only have to navigate across the seas, but will also have to find their way through the Dark Lands. Though many landmarks exist in this realm, it is still vast, desolate and the victim of much vulcanological upheaval that reshapes the landscape (but, oddly enough, does not fertilize it). Most of the time their land trains will follow worn and torn routes as they travel between outposts, but sometimes eruptions, enemies blocking the way or the search for nomadic Greenskin tribes to gather tribute in slaves from will take Chaos Dwarf expeditions deep into the wilderness. In these situations it might be vital to navigate by the stars, especially if magnetic disturbances wreak havoc to compasses.


Chaos Dwarfs are the only race to study astronomy. As we all know from the teachings in the Temple of Hashut, other races can’t look up. Big Al says so.


I don’t like to think that cd’s have a space agency (CDSA)?

Plus im sure it would be hard to see the heavens in the dark lands.