[Archive] CD Armies seen at Conventions (Not Mine)


Thought I’d show you all some “Non CDO Member” CD Armies I’ve recently seen.  (And a couple of other fun ones)

Feel free to add any other peoples armies that you’ve seen and photographed from your travels

first up any troops and stuff


Some Ogres Armies first
from 2013 I think   -   Panda Ogres

from 2015  -   Rhino Ogres


I especially like the one hiding behind the rock warming his hands


These are peoples destroyers I think


miscellaneous war machines this time


LOL panda ogres ^^

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A little incidental bump. I moved the folder for these pictures in Photobucket and lost the original links to of all the posts up above.

So I’ve reposted all the pictures I could find from those CanCon conventions in re-worked posts separated into types of troops because I have no idea which year I took most of the pics in.