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I Found CD army book unlikely as it in a second hand book store in my city, is it worth while getting, and is it a hard book to find?


I think generally its hard to get second hand at a reasonable price, but not hard to find.

I would pick one up if its in good condition.��You get lots of background inspiration and can admire all the big hats :hat off


For how much?? $5?? $50??? a price would help us make a decision on if its worth it or not.


Yeah it was $30, ive got a feeling they don’t know how much its actually worth, but its in almost perfect condition.


I’d buy it. $30 seems fairly reasonable if it’s in perfection condition.


$30 is fine. I’ve seen it go for ~$90 on Amazon.


That seems like a reasonable price. You can pick them up for less than 10 quid on eBay but by the time you factor in shipping it would end up at more than $30.

If you buy it and don’t like it you can always just resell it here or on eBay and you should be able to get your money back.

Kera foehunter:

Lucky!!! i would buy it .

Pyro Stick:

If its in a second hand book store why dont you ask if they will sell it for $20?? $30 is a good deal but they wont know that will they.


Went down Today and haggled down to $22:cheers

I Forgot about haggling, thanks

:hat off


Believe it or not, Iv never had a chance to read the old CD rulebook. Iv always depend on the ravening hordes and sites like this one.

Is it really worth it or can we find all is content more or less resumed here ?


The book is a great read I got my copy for free when I got my original army it has some great pic’s.