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Unfortuanly I was made redundant recently and because money is tight after christmas etc I need to keep the wolves away from the door so to speak:hat off…Anyways I think I’ll have to part with my CD Army by selling it on ebay :frowning: …I’ve uploaded some pics before but I need to know how much you guys think I will get for it, I intend to sell it all as one army…



Chaos Dwarf Hero on foot

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer on foot

Hobgoblin Hero on wolf

Chaos Dwarf Lord on Great Taurus

I CD Bull Centar Lord (Converted)

24 CD warriors with fcmd

24 CD warriors with fcmd

15 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

15 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

11 Hobgoblin Wolfriders -unit includes a standard and champion

20 Black Orcs (Metal)

1 Death Rocket

1 Earthshaker Cannon

10 CD Bull Centaurs -Unit Includes a standard

Not Painted

4 Hobgoblin Bolt throwers with crew

1 Death Rocket

50 Hobgoblin foot troops - these models were converted using plague monk bodies and goblin heads


Sorry to hear that Dude but this goes to the Marketplace.

Pyro Stick:

Well this is a well painted army and its quite large so i would say £600-£700 for it.