[Archive] CD as part of the new Mortal of Chaos Book


:hat off evening all.

I don’t know if you have been reading the lates White Dwarf, but there is a tast of what will be in the new Warriors of Chaos Army Book.

- And funny some persons at GW might have been hearing our warcries, about getting CDs back in the game.

- Since the Hellcannon now will be a standard Rare choice, and only take up a “single rare choice”.

If I remember right it took up two - right???

- In my opinion, it is just a cheap way of making an armylist (I know, I know - it is just a promo list) - but why not include Flayerkin & Chaos Furries (I don’t remember the right name) again? :question:

- At this point, it also seems that CD don’t make a comeback in a near future :frowning:

Well thats all, let me know what you think about it. :slight_smile:

Cheers All :cheers

Kera foehunter:

i seen that to .well we are on are way.This is only thing in this month wd i liked.

Merchant i like your updated avartar!!


We’ve been over this in numerous threads, numerous times. While anything is possible I just dont think its likely that we will be in HoC.

Also, I will be watching this thread closely, keep it civil everyone…



It’s 2 rare slots actually :wink:

I am fairly certain the Hellcannon will be in the actual WoC list, but nothing else CD related. I am hoping for lots of fluff mentions.


Given how GW want everything to be so individually portioned, being in the WoC list would effectively kill off any chance of a full CD army. And they keep saying they want to do one.


Yeah, if they appear in the mortals book, it means no CD book this edition at least. That would be truly irksome. I would rather wait a few more years than have them appear in some half-baked manner in the mortals book.


Agreed, GW needs to edited for content or get off the pot.


I think there is a desire for GW to do Chaos Dwarfs… its simply a case of larger forces @ work. GW is in a much different place right now then say even 5 years ago. Being a publicly owned company is a much different thing then private and GW is experiencing that first hand.

@Vexxus you do have a point that I agree with however.



No, that’s not necessarily true.

They are not having crossovers whereby you need to buy another book just have have the rules. They could however reprint the same rules (in some form or another) in both books.

Tbh I seriously doubt the hellcannon would make it into WA:CD unchanged.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

dam i’ve got the old wd you yanks and your getting every thing first it a british copany :mad

Kera foehunter:

Vexxus  ha  ha  that is so right on all levels. Get off the pot G W !!!


They wouldn’t reprint the same rules in two different books, because then it causes problems when you update one of them. They could probably fit in a unit of Chaos Dwarf Marauders, which would have associated fluff that made them clear that they weren’t normal CDs.


GW do reprint the same rules in two diffrent books, just look at the spawn of chaos and the warhounds, they are in both 6th edition books


GW do reprint the same rules in two diffrent books, just look at the spawn of chaos and the warhounds, they are in both 6th edition books

With 7th edition, they've changed tack, I believe. The separation of the different Chaos armies is an example of their new strategy.


Matthias is right, its a change in policy. When the same rules are printed in two books it makes it awkward ehen you update one of them. For the same reason DoW have been taken out of all army books not because the rules have been removed but to give GW more options should they re-do them


I’d quite like Chaos dwarfs in the new book as its that unlikely that CDs will ever get their own book, since now thats its been left this long a lot has been left to the players interpretations, so the book couldnt measure up, if they were part of another army they could still have quite a vague fluff like they have up till now. Also it seems likely they will be in this book as other than the return of harpys to chaos and perhaps a mutant unit theres not that much stuff they can include in the new book, CDs will give interesting opportunity’s, like BBs giving chaos a missile unit, perhaps a special? we can but speculate


Doesn’t boad well for orcs or gobins in a CD army… Hobbos will be fine however…


I’m not so sure about the Hobboes being a guaranteed inclusion.

After such a long period of time there is no guarantee that GW wouldn’t just redesign the fluff from the ground up.

You’re right though, there is certainly more chance of them getting included than Orcs and Goblins.


On another note, IF a couple of CD units were in the new book, GW might be more inclined to release a WD list for CDs, like they did with kroot mercs a while back, the only reason they say they won’t do one at the moment is because they don’t have the models to support one.


They wouldn’t need models to support a White Dwarf list, they could just release an article outlining how to convert BfSP Dwarfs into Chaos Dwarfs. That would give CD an updated list and help GW flog some more BfSP box sets. I may be wrong, but it surely couldn’t involve much more work than the Zombie Pirates or Hell Pit lists did.