[Archive] CD Banners


Spent the weekend at GothCon, didn’t participate in any GW games but had a look at the Warhammer tournament and saw these rather cool looking banners… :slight_smile:


Now those are cool.

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Holy freakjuice! That’s some pretty cool freehand designs! Like the top banner the most.

Did you recruit the player for CDO? The doesn’t seem to be that many active swedes in here.

The paint scheme is a bit on the light side for my tadte though well exrcutrd.


Holy smokes, that’s some awesome looking banners!!! They really “carry” this army!! A bit of shade and highlight on the IG, and it will look amazing!!


Yes … Awesome banners but putting no where near the same attention on the troops at all detracts from it overall

Kera foehunter:

very nice find T-jubs Thanks for sharing i wish i could paint banner like that :frowning: