[Archive] CD conversion stuff for sale


For sale (as seen):-

Hammer Standard Bearer

Two dwarf ponies - ripe for Bull centaur conversion

6 Barriers from the BFSP boxed set - I was going to use them as shell ammo for the earthshaker or use them as parts for inferno golems.

The BFSP cannon and crew

8 miners

A Taurus 1/2 made with a pair of converted balrog wings.

The BFSP sprue of dwaves.

LOTR Treebeard - bnib

Lammasu - bnib (never painted or glued

Warmachine - forge guard (were going to be made into something CD, but doesn’t quite fit the army any more)

I’ll post to anywhere, buyer covers it, offers on things please.


Once upon a time nitro I would have had those barriers in a heartbeat, since then I have learned the art of sculpting eggs O armour for my squats. Shame really … However :wink: you could use them to make your own EXO armour :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm, hadn’t considered that idea.

If they don’t go to anyone I might give that a try.


That Taurus was looking pretty cool!

Treebeard seems out of place here, heh.


The taurus was looking cool, now I made one that fits the army better.

And yeah the treeman was sort of an extra that was in the pile of ‘to go’


Looks like the Lammasu has gone (postage kinda governing that one)

Anymore for anymore.


Have you got a price in mind for treebeard?

Also does anyone know if its possible to build him without hobbits?


According to the GW site the treebeard is now £25.50!

Eeeep, In that case I’d quite like £15 for it.

Checked the box, yes merry and pippin are completely separate to the tree.


You after anything in trade ?


Not really sorry. :-/ Errrrmmmm.

Got any empire stuff (its my other army)