[Archive] CD Doomseekers?


I was planning to start this with a pic of the new khorne guy swinging what looks like a flaming anvil around on a chain, but I can’t seem to find a link now!

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about this and if anyone should be swinging a flaming anvil around it should be a chaos dwarf zealot!

Would a doomseeker concept be in keeping fluffwise do you think?

We did have the berserkers back in the day.


I’d say a good concept is a chaos dwarf dwarf half mutated lammasu or bull centuar, or half machine because for me chaos dwarfs seem to orderly and obedient to become stuff like slayers or berserkers


I think so. The VD Doomseekers were versions of a slayer with special rules that had the two chain axes, is that right?

So I definitely think a “Zealot” of ours would fit in quite easily.



yep they had the two chain axes, they were part of a slayer army list for storm of chaos, right now my brother is trying to make an army like that but doesn’t have these yet


A mad and frenzied follower of Hashut, who received the blessing of the Father of Darkness, swinging a chain with a white hot anvil at the end is a really glorious picture!

Great idea :hat off


I always like the idea of CD Berserkers. Which reminds me, I need to finish painting my unit of Slayers I want to use as Berserkers, so many projects half complete!

I’ve given them black hair and used a tiny permanent marker to write runes all over their bodies.


I wrote a story for a special character many moons ago about a guy who went crazy making daemon weapons for WoC, he was chained to his anvil but broke free.

As a broader concept I guess that would be a good basis for many berserker loners. Driven mad by nature of work and furious at CD society for chaining them to to it.