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hi… I have made an earthshaker out of the old dwarf-cannon and it came out quite well ( I think) :)��

enjoy! :

I now have to make the crew for it:rolleyes:

Also : here is the way I’m gonna do my bases:

what do you think about it? do you like it or not?`comments are welcome :cheers


Looks good!

Id add some Chaos arrows out of plasticard to break up all of the space on the barrel, if you wanted a blunderbuss theme


Great ES looks chunky enough to make the earth quake.Is it the photo that makes the lava look a bit flat .

Ghrask Dragh:

It came out very well, Great Earthshaker :hat off!

The barrel could maybe use a bit of detail, maybe a few lightning bolts or arrows, but not too much! Nice use of the gut plate too.

It could be the lack of light in the picture but the lava looks like it could use a final yellow highlight (though I like to to work right up to final highlight being a yellow/white so that could be just me!).

All in all this is a really good original ES, always good to see originality, so well done greenskin :cheers


thanks for all the comments:) I’m gonna make another eartshaker like that laiter:shy: and yes, I agree…ES need some detail… I’m gonna make an arrow or two:P

The lava-base is much lighter IRL… Its highlighted up to bad moon yellow:D … maybe it looks a bit flat IMO, but I think it will be better after making some more bases:)



i like it. the blunderbuss barrel shape should really tie it in with the rest of your army!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Very innovative and creative idea, to try out the blunderbuss design on a big gun. I like it! :slight_smile:


That’s a great big blunderbuss. You’d be doing yourself a favour by filing the mold lines off though.

I really like the mouth piece, is it an ogre bit?


That's a great big blunderbuss. You'd be doing yourself a favour by filing the mold lines off though.

I really like the mouth piece, is it an ogre bit?

yes it's a ogre gut plate:hat off


i love it, how much did it cost to make?


Like the blunderbuss feel, the ogre (is it?) mouth really finished the end off well, if you want more detail on the barrel the hammered metal Ishkur used on his light bulb one would look cool.


Holy gripes this is old!

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Like others said. A big fat blunderbuss, bound to make a big bang too! Very nice indeed.



As others have said, and I heartily endorse, the idea of using a giant blunderbuss as an EarthShaker is inspired.

Prepare to have slaves lavished upon you :cheers

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Definately big hatty, good job! Even thou I’m a non-hatter…

Kera foehunter:

great job on the bace the canon is so cool too


That ES is one of the best ive seen but i have the same kwestion as groopdrada how much did it cost to make?