[Archive] CD Frontages - what's your preference?


Hi all.

Played a few games and as i have been making movement trays i thought this might be a good time to ask how people field their CD IG.

I have been going with 6 for stanard troops (unit 20+)
I have been going with 12 for blunderbusses (unit 20+)
I have been going with 5 for fireglaives (unit of 10) - yet to try larger formations

Reasoning for the 6 frontage for me is to get some extra attacks to help combat res while keeping ranks and relying on armour to reduce casualties.

So what are your frontages (and llease advise typical numbers for formation) for;

1. IG base loadout
2. IG blunderbuss
3. IG fireglaives
4. IG Great Weapons


Thanks in advance


I play a unit of IG w/bsb in horde formation


I play a unit of IG w/bsb in horde formation

Interesting. Don't you miss the extra rank bonus or do you take them in 30+ numbers?


i have a unit of 20-25 IG 5 per rank and 2 units of 12 fireglaives with 6 per ranks


I build every army list of mine around a horde of 40 Infernal Guard with full command, great weapons and Battle Standard Bearer. The reason is simple: I like few things better on the tabletop than armies with convincingly large units. Even if the army is small, the main unit should look imposing enough.


I play a unit of IG w/bsb in horde formation

i do but they are stubborn. i stick someone in combat then flank them with destroyer, kdaii, renders, etc...

Plus w/breathe with breath of hatred = more dead troops

Lord Aldades:

I go 10 by 4 for warriors, and 10 by 2 for missile troops.

Yes, I know thats an awful lot of points, but the sheer intimidation factor of those kind of blocks has many an opponent screw up their battleplan. It`s all in the Psychology phase after all :wink:


I don’t use Fireglaives or great weapons in my all comers list as they’re generally not worth it.

My formation really depends on the opponent, but generally I go with 7x4 or 10x3 when using hand weapon & shield. It’s not often that there is an opposing unit which you need to break the steadfast of that you can’t beat anyway.

With blunderbusses I will ALWAYS deploy in two ranks with a castellan. Unit size of 24 minimum. Stomp toward the enemy to scare them in to charging you then stand and shoot with all of them. Reform after first round of combat.