[Archive] CD Gunline Army: Some advice required

Father Grumpmas:

I’m going to a competition in July (2000 pts) with no compostion scores so I thought I would try a gunline army:

Characters: 3 Wizards and BSB

Core: Blunderbusses and Hobbos with bows

Special: Bolt throwers

Rare: Earthshakers

There were a few fine tweaks I was thinking of instead of the above and any comments would be welcome.

* Drop 2 of the boltthrowers for a death rocket OR

* Drop 2 of the boltthrowers for a unit of Orc Arrer Boyz - these guys are cheap, can shoot, and are handy in combat

* Maybe drop an Earthshaker for a DOW cannon just to give a different type of warmachine OR

* Drop an earthshaker for some leadbelchers - just to be random


depends on how beardy you want to get… you’ve certainly started in a very beardy place…

to make a true homage to fromage you need to ditch the BSB for the 4th sorceror…

Drop the bows on the hobgoblins and field many, many more of them is small blocks…

BBs are ok so long as you bring very few of them and one has the Banner of Slavery…

I can do nothing to cheese your specials or rares…

This army loses combat… but you don’t care…

think of attacking this army like attacking a wet paper bag…

a wet paper bag that blasts you with artillery and magic every turn…


I would 2nd dropping the bow on the hobos. just field multiple blocks of nekkid ones.

I would actually make decent BB units though (like around 18) for the size of the unit and the S5 shots.

Also maybe 1 unit of hobo wolf riders.

only really problem I see with the list is no good can opener type units. Would suffer against multi wound creatures and high armour units. Something like this might work

1 lvl 4 sorcerer lord + black gem + powerstone = 285

1 lvl 2 sorc + scroll = 125

1 lvl 2 sorc + scroll = 125

1 bull centaur + BSB + armor of gaz + great weapon + gauntlets = 179

19 warriors + champ + banner = 191

17 BB Warriors + champ = 214

17 BB Warriors + champ = 214

10 hobo = 20

10 hobo = 20

10 hobo = 20

10 hobo = 20

10 hobo = 20

10 hobo = 20

10 wolf riders + larm/shield + musician = 140

6 bolt throwers = 180

2 earthshackers = 220

total = 1993

Father Grumpmas:

Thanks for the advice so far.

The only problem with taking large blocks of naked hobgoblins is that I don’t have the figures.

wizuriel - you can’t give a BSB a great weapon.


blah right :mad. Too use to playing against high elves (crazy high elves and their banner + shield + great weapons). Normally don’t use BSB.


can opening is not the problem… though there are BTs and Lore of metal for this…

but the “cans” are stuck out in a sea of green worthlessness…

and unlikely to score even half heir points worth…

BBs are unlikely to get any shots when surrounded by so many friendlies… conserve point for more hobgrotz…

but if you do not have the models Father Grumpmas (but you do have 8 BTs?)…

I’d suggest putting as many hobs down as you can afford… bows or not…

maybe that Arrer mob is a good idea as well…

Father Grumpmas:

So the vibe I am getting here is max the magic and warmachines but don’t get hung up on the Blunderbusses and use as many hobgoblins as possible to soak up charges.

Maybe two units of blunderbussess and a unit of warriors plus as many hobgoblins as I can put together.

Metro - I have 5 hob boltthrowers (4 painted) plus 2 of the old hobgoblin rocket teams and some assorted goblin bolt throwers of various vintages.

I did have a plan to model hobhound packs (small dogs on 20mm bases) as naked hobgoblins - I could still have time to paint up something like this for a July competition.


sounds like a great modeling opportunity…

but you could try running more traditional dwarf infantry i suppose…
Its just that after splashing out 700 in characters and another 500 in machines…
your ranks will look kinda thin… a hobgob buffer seems like a better way to go…


What is your normal 2000 point army list?

Father Grumpmas:

I tend to go for 2 blocks of 15 BB, a large unit of CD warriors and lots of greenskins - large block of hobgoblins, orcs, black orcs and sneaky gits, sometimes with two blocks of bull centaurs.


You could use the dwarf army list and count your 2 units of Blunderbusses as units of Thunders, use death rockets as cannons and convert some chaotic looking war machines to count as stone throwers, flame cannons, Gyrocopters and organ guns.

Or you could just use your normal list, there is nothing wrong with your normal list.

Father Grumpmas:

This is an early version of the gunline list I am thinking of

2000 point Chaos Dwarf Army


Rakazan the Vile

CD Sorcerer Lord (190) Level 4 Wizard (35) 225


Razar the Spiteful

CD Sorcerer (65) Level 2 Wizard (35) Dispell scroll (25) 125

Krakon the Cruel:

CD Sorcerer (65) Level 2 Wizard (35) Dispell scroll (25) 125

Tharkan the Grim:

CD Hero (60) BSB (25) Armour of Gazrakh (30) Sword of Might (20) 135

Character Total 610

Core Troops

Blackstone Rifles: 20 Chaos Dwarfs Blunderbusses, Full Command 270

Gorgoth Rifles: 20 Chaos Dwarfs Blunderbusses, Full Command 270

Ziggeraut Rifles: 20 Chaos Dwarfs Blunderbusses, Full Command 270

Shooty Gits: 10 Hobgoblins with bows 050

Snipey Gits: 10 Hobgoblins with bows 050

Da Slaves: 10 Hobgoblins 020

Core Total 930

Special Troops

The Bolta Boyz: 2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers 60

The Shoota Boyz: 2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers 60

The Sticka Boyz: 2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers 60

The Skewa Boyz: 2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers 60

Special Total 240

Rare Troops

Hashut�?Ts Hell Hurler:  Earthshaker 110

Hashut�?Ts Death Dealer: Earthshaker 110

Total 220

Army Total 2000


well I’d splash our for the Black gem for the S. Lord…
you’re set on the BSB right?.. otherwise for half the points I’d put down a hobbie hero w/ gauntlets and GW…
S7 chariot busta… 64 points… 68 if you splash out for heavy armor… steed of shadows him into all sorts of trouble…

if not you can afford to drop a BB somewhere to accommodate the 4th character… 3x7 right?
and the BB units don’t need commands… maybe champs to keep the heat off sorceror’s in challenges…
the rest of the list is as nice as its gonna get… use the points for more bodies…

Ancient History:

There are two main problems with a gunline: a preference for static positions and range. Blunderbusses are very limited at 12" - a lot of the Elven archers can sit fat and happy outside their range and pick them off.

That’s really the principle attraction of taking units of Greenskin archers: they’re cheap, their range is better, and you can take more casualties. Take a 15-strong unit of blunderbusses and lose two models and you’re hurting. Take a 40-strong unit of goblins with shortbows and you can lose ten units and not give much of a damn (and let’s face it; if you’re going to blow a Special slot on goblins, you want a really big unit to get your points worth).