[Archive] CD Leadbelchers - ideas anyone?


Hi there,

At the moment I am quite fed up with cutting my fingers while converting BFSP dwarfs, so I thought about some more large scale topic. Ogres. And especially how to do some Chaos Dwarf-ish dogs of war.

As I want to include one unit of those in my 2000 point army as a rare choice next to an earth shaker, I was left with basically two choices: Leadbelchers or Ironguts (no use for Bulls…) Personally, I think the Ironguts would be the more effective choice as they offer the punch my army will quite definetly be lacking, the Leadbelchers with their ridiculous weapons really seem to fit. I mean, those things are basically Ogre sized Blunderbusses, aren�t hey? And most of them are “made by CD”.

So, I�ll try to convert some of these little cuties into CD-Dogs of war. What do you think would be a good idea to add to those guys? Fangs and Beards would be funny as hell, but somehow don�t seem too right on the Ogre Kingdoms models.

Is there any kind of distinctive armoury, shoulder pats, tatoos, weapons that you would use on these guys to make them CD-ish? I mean, except big hats…


There is a guy who made an all CD Big Hat Ogre army. Does anyone have that link handy?

He used hats and sculpted beards to Ogres, looked kinda funny, but cool.

Ghrask Dragh:

Amazing pics from bas_2312 over at the ogre stronghold…


Holy Hat!

Now that are some CD-ish Ogres…

Hats off to bas_2312! :hat off

What are the hats on the Leadbelchers made of?

Ghrask Dragh:

Ghrask, are those yours? If yes, then hats off to you!
No, it would be nice though, I think you saw the messed up post (with pics all over the place and no text). I have cleaned up the post a bit and given credit where it is due to bas'.
The leadbelcher hats look like the Death Rocket crew hats.

Sorry :cheers


Yeah they is some sweet looking Ogres thats the most pics ive seen of them cheers Ghrask .That lamassu giant one is superb love it

Cotter you could always do them with horned helms or bull heads and the leadbelchers as big blunders:hat


Wow… I am still impressed by this Astaroth-Ogre. And the all-scalemail ones are pretty tough to do, too.

I think I will try to combine the really interesting faces of the Leadbelcher with some CD curly beards.Only problem is that you won�t see to much of the beards because of those huge guns they�re showing off. And perhaps some chainmail face guards…

… and curly bearded gnoblars with flaming sticks!!


You could wander over to the Rackham site and have a look at some of their Wolfen and Devourers armed with crossbows. They might do the trick as Leadbelchers.

Kera foehunter:

i like the giant thats a big hammer


They are some awsome sculpts/conversion right there!! Tho What let it down for me are the DR hats on the leadbelchers, but thats probably just because of the high quality of the others. Great stuff!


MAtty :slight_smile:


Holy hobgoblins headbanging, batman! I’m in love!

My idea is to use a Maneater from every single culture (Ind Kingdoms, Tilea, Estalia, Sartosa, included) and to count as Ogre Bulls, some large slaves (IE Rat ogres, trolls, actual ogre bulls, lol, etc.)

But dude… hats off (no pun intended…) Especially, especially loving the big mecha ogre… how’d you sculpt the gears?


My favourite thing about this army is that big hats are still too big even for ogres. Also the irony.


I think add some large plates of armour onto the legs (plasticard etc).��Masks would help, if you like that sort of thing.

Backpacks with engineering stuff on would look seriously cool.��You could look to the Ork artillery for ideas. Make them look like they travel a lot and carry all the engineering stuff they need around with them.

You could also convert one to have a baxooka, maybe one with a portable ‘gatling blunderbuss’.��Might be hard to keep it warhammerish, but would look nice I think.


Ho my god!!


The first three of them are worthy of 1000 slaves.

Who made those?

CDish ogres seems an excelent idea. The OK rulebook indicate that ogres use the culture from the place they fight in. So some beards and hats seems right in some CD mercenaries.


If he doesn’t mind us re-posting pictures of his army these should probably be in a separate showcase thread of their own.


Must post tutorials for the walker dude.


Grashk, can you ask bas_2312 if he wants to put up a showcase thread on this site? Or if he�s running low on free-time, if he would mind someone doing it for him?


You could also convert one to have a baxooka, maybe one with a portable 'gatling blunderbuss'. Might be hard to keep it warhammerish, but would look nice I think.

That bazooka could look awesome. One of the longer barrelled guns set on the right shoulder, the right arm bent around the gun, the hand holding the turret steady. Well, it will need a gnoblar to fire it, because the ogre won�t be able to reach the lock, but hey, that�s why they have them!

Does anyone here have some experience in "bending" those Ogre arms? Because my usual "cut-twist-glue and fill the gaps" strategy wont work well on those massive muscular bizepses... Also, you can�t start by rotating the arm on the shoulder, because well, the arm kind of is the shoulder. Sorry, hard to explain, but I guess you know how the modells look like, so you�ll get the problem.


Yeah. For the Gnobbo shooter, use the one from the Tyrant.

As for the arms, hm…slice the Leadbelcher right arm off, turn it upside down, GS any gaps and glue.

But use Blu-Tack alot, just until you get a good feel as to where it should go.


Aww… you guys love me!

Anyways, for more pics and a beard-tutorial, check this link:


I know, I should post them on this forum, and I will… someday…