[Archive] CD Leadbelchers

Father Grumpmas:

Some leadbelchers I gave a Chaos Dwarf makeover to!

You go girlfriend!


Awesome work man! I love how the hats are even big for Ogres, haha.

Well done! I especially like the one with the light in his mouth. :wink:


Really good. Have you seen Bas’s CD-Ogre army?


Hehe, that was some nice has on that ogre :slight_smile:

baba yaga:

:cheerscool stuff

Hashut’s Blessing:

I like the fact that one could be used as your Death Rocket as well!


CD ogre army?!?!? have you a link?

The Flying Beaver:

I love how the hats are even big for Ogres, haha.

Apparently the old CD's heads are actually bigger than ogre heads.


For the one holding the empire cannon you might want to try chaos dwarfing it(he looks very different from the rest)other than that great work.:slight_smile:

Father Grumpmas:

CD ogre army?!?!? have you a link?

Here on the Ogre Stronghold


It's not that CD themed though - only the Lead belchers and the Hunter with the robot leg (which was an already existing mini from Ral Partha)

The Flying Beaver:

CD Ogres by Master Yoga: http://www.ogrestronghold.com/hof/masteryoga.htm
Lots of CD ogres by Bas_2312: http://www.ogrestronghold.com/forum/index.php?topic=3000.0


Some truly awesome conversion work there!