[Archive] CD Lord Re-Vamped!


Ok,do you remember the CD lord i did a few weeks back?

Well after being told time and time again that the nose was rubbish, i decided to sculpt a helmet, then a gauntlet, then some more armour and…well you get the picture.

So here he is in all his spikey glory!


hm… i liked the first one more and the nose, too. why haven’t you sculpt a new one and keep the old one?


I preferred the old axe. The mask is nice, but more angles would help make for a better critique.


Here are a few more angles

The colours on the back photo are a bit crap, the shield should be gold, and the cape should be a dark red


I think I like the first one better. The nose makes him look slightly mutated, which I think is perfect! Don’t get me wrong though, the resculpt looks great.


Well to differ alittle, I like the second sculpt, its more of a mask style which is what I like to see.:slight_smile:


You wouldnt let it lie! no he looks great no more elepant man:rolleyes:

Lord Darkash:

Looks good but id kinda gotten used to the old version, it had grown on me. No pleasing some people! :slight_smile:


I think you should bulk out the cloak a lot at the bottom on the back.��You have done the ‘logical’ thing, which is to keep it the same thickness (as would be realistic), but it often looks better to bulk it out and make those folds extra deep.��Adds more depth and character.

If you don’t do that, I think you should repaint the cloak a nice deep red.

I like the mask a lot, it reminds me of Skeletor :mask,��I would probably repaint that gold :).��Also I think the beard should be black for the contrast.

Reminds me of the Dwarf lord

Now there’s an idea :idea