[Archive] CD Magic Lores?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi guys!

Quick question…I’ve been reading up on the spells in the 4 Magic Lores we’re allowed (Fire, Metal, Shadow and Death) and was wondering which lores are everyone’s favorites or which lores work best for your army.

I’d like to build a model for all the lores, but I currently only have 3 Dwarfs avalible. One guy is definatly the Fire Lore (Dwarf holding cannon ball) but I can’t decide what to do with Borri Graniteskin and a Queen Helga model I think I’m going to convert into a Level 4 sorceress. I know both these Dwarfs will become magicians, but can’t decide on their Lores.

Any help would be of great benifit! :smiley:

orcs of fire:

I generally use lore of fire but am thinking of using a different one, i use fire because it has good damage spells like conflagration of DOOOOOOOM and wall of fire which has destroyed many a unit.

Ancient History:

This is actually discussed in the CD Magic tactics section of the wiki…whenever the wiki comes back, that is.


fire and death are obviously the 2 most offensive ones; I’ve used both and had some success. Shadow did not work for me at all, but I know there must be some strategies out there that cater to it. Metal just depends on what you’re going up against. If you know you’re going to fight high armour save models, go for it.


Depending on the amount of Sorcerers I’m using and who playing determines the Lores.

I don’t have 2 Sorcerers with the same lore.

I tend to go Fire, Metal, Shadow and then Death. I give tend to give Shadow to my Sorcerer Lords.

The Snowman:

I tend to give a sorceror lord shadow esp against armies with low initiative monsters. Pit of shades is awesome against certain armies… Next on my list is fire mainly for the level 1 and 2s, hopefully they will get a fireball off at least. Metal and death only if circumstances dictate (opposition army).


I usually go death or shadow, since the “start causing fear” spell is kickass aigenst low ld models.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

ThanX for the help guys! Hmmm…seems like shadow is pretty sweet…the preferred choice!

Wonder how Chaos Helga would look in shades of black and dark grey as a Shadow Sorceress?

Border Reiver:

Your choice of lore should really go with what opponent you’re facing.

Lots of knights, stanks, dwarfs - Metal

Skaven, ogres, O&G, BoC - death

Lots of Skirmishers - fire (cause fireball is nasty to small units of skirmishers)

Are examples of what you can choose. fire is a personal favourite, and is a good default lore wiht its great ability to cause damage to most things in the lists. Metal is situational, depending on how much armour your opponent has. Shadow and Death are fairly short ranged, and although they can deal out the damage, or give a boost to your units with the fear causing spell, and I use them less, simply because I end up facing dwarfs and other heavily armed opponents alot.

Alan the evil:

I’m agree with Border river.

I pointed the same problem some months ago in tactic & advice.

I prefear to use a lore that it’s problematic for my opponent.

I arrived to this kind of choices:

Metal: Dwarf, WoC, Bretonnia

Death: BoC, O&G, Ogres, Skaven

Shadow: Dark / High Elves

Fire: all the rest

well… if I’m facing the unclean one and I have a sorcerer lord i try lore of shade looking for the pit!!

Ancient History:

A minor point is how effectively you can use a lore for a given level of Sorcerer.

A single die only averages 3.5; therefore without modifications you’re probably only going to get the most basic spells (5+) to go off 33% of the time.

Two dice averages 7; so two dice gives a good chance (83%) of rolling a basic spell (5+); a decent chance (72.2%) of rolling a (6+) spell (Commandment of Brass for the Lore of Metal, Creeping Death for the Lore of Shadow), slightly better-than-even chance of rolling a (7+) (Transmutation of Lead for the Lore of Metal), and slightly worse-than even (41.6%) chance of casting a (8+) spell (Steel Soul and Wind of Death for the Lore of Death, Crown of Tadiron for the Lore of Shadow, Distillation of Molten Silver and Law of Gold for the Lore of Metal, The Burning Head and Fiery Doom for Lore of Fire), etc.

Rolling 3 dice gives an average of 10.5, though your chances of miscast increases substantially.

The lesson to take away being that a Level 2 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer with the Lore of Metal has three potential spells that they can cast at least half the time (at least mathematically). The Lore of Death has three 9+ or 10+ spells, and if you want to use those you probably need to use three dice to ensure it has a reasonable chance of going off. If you’re playing a game where you can’t take a Sorcerer Lord and still want to cast the big spells, it’s time to invest in Power Stones.

Alan the evil:

ancient history

i’m agree with you about statistical talks

but what can i do with spell like rule of burning iron or rule of gold if I haven’t valid targets??

with a level 2 sorcerer we can always take a magic missile in lores of fire and death that can be easily casted…

I think that if a player play with only 1/2 sorcerer - without sorcerer lord  - he’s doing a magic defense choice, so it could be better in my opinion taking dispel scrolls and magic missiles…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Thanx for the continued help guys, esp the statistics Ancient History.

So it seems like I should make models of the 4 lores and then use them acordingly for the battles.

Good idea! Can anyone spare me an extra Dwarf? :smiley:

Ancient History:

but what can i do with spell like rule of burning iron or rule of gold if I haven't valid targets??

Alan the evil
Know your enemy. Armies that feature unarmoured or lightly-armoured units are less susceptible to the Rule of Burning Iron, so if you're probably going to be facing a skirmisher-heavy forces - like <1,000 of Beastmen, Wood Elves, etc. - it's not your best missile. Likewise, the Law of Gold shows its worth in games where magic items feature prominently - generally higher-points games in armies that feature powerful characters, such as the Warriors of Chaos. You wouldn't want to take the Law of Gold against Daemons of Chaos armies, however, as you won't have any targets for it!

On a fair play note, you and your opponent probably look over each other's lists before play (and before spells are rolled); if you note a distinct absence of valid targets, swap that spell out for the lowest spell on the list. The 5+ spells are always at least a little useful, and fairly sure of going off.
he's doing a magic defense choice, so it could be better in my opinion taking dispel scrolls and magic missiles...
The scroll-caddy approach is a solid tactic, though more than one game I've seen both players try it and magic ends up doing nothing the whole game long. Still, in smaller games (<1,000 points) a Sorcerer can be a deciding factor, and the lack of being able to field a Lord choice means you need to adapt your strategy to cope. A Wall of Fire, for example, can secure a flank for the entire game, or crush your enemy's headlong charge toward the center of your line.

I remember one time a lone Hero with the Armour of the Furnace was charged, fled through the wall of fire, and the unit that charged him was forced to pursue through the wall, destroying that unit. The Hero rallied next turn.


Of all the lores, the lore of death is the one i like the most, but the lore of metal is the one i fear the most. The lore of death i like because its fantastic life drain spells. They are pretty wonderfull. The metal lore’s magic item neutralising send pure horror through me. Everytime i read them i think of them as unbalanced (though i know they are not).


I just want to add, that fire is very effective against some units that rely on their regeneration, so hydra in a dark el army, or the feared grave guard with drakenhoff banner. If you know you are facing some similar unit, wich has regen, than fire lore is a must have.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Like Tomb King Lytche Lords! :smiley:


I use two level 2 fire mages as standard unless i am going against a army with war machines or heary armour then its lore of metal, i have never used the other 2 a dought that i will as not very keen on them

Groznit Goregut:

I think that if a player play with only 1/2 sorcerer - without sorcerer lord  - he's doing a magic defense choice, so it could be better in my opinion taking dispel scrolls and magic missiles...

Alan the evil
I think this depends on what type of game you are playing. If you are playing in a tournament, than I agree with you. If you are playing friendly games, then it's not always a bad thing to go on the offensive with two lvl 2 mages. I usually see people either go magic heavy or magic lite. If someone else goes magic lite, you can do well with just two lvl 2 mages, especially if you use bound items or power stones.

I think when you look at what lores to take, you need to think of these things:

- Who are you playing against?
- What lvl of sorcerer is he?

I think most people go for Lore of Fire. It's got blasty spells and there are a lot of regenerating things out there. It's not that great against highly armored targets, though. Lore of metal is a much better Lore at this point.

Alan the evil:

I usually played with army not smaller than 2000 points and always setted for tournament, even because I played just one day for week (on monday) and I want to be ready to use correctly my list in tournament (one each 2/3 months).

That’s why I said what I said and I trust ancient history about strategy on 1000 pt’s battle in which I’m not practice.

That’s why I said what I said and I trust groznit about strategy on friendly game that I’m not use to play.