[Archive] CD points


In your current army how many points do you have?

Please awnser the poll,round up points to fit poll.


1K of new converted stuff, plus about 4K of big hats

Uzkul Werit:

Iv’e nearly finished basing 3000pts of Chaos Dwarfs, with just a few war machines left to go!


Only the Battle for Skull Pass dwarves.

So at the very best, I’ll have a poorly composed 500 point army.


none yet:cheers

my army is even worse than yours someone, at least you have an army:)

Lord Zarkov:

10,000 points aproximatly

Hashut’s Blessing:

I have about 360 poijnts, but they are all warmachines and I don’t even have enough crew.


Yea, I have 2500. I started with 3 boxes of BFSP. I’m green stuffing my dwarves and splitting my hobbos. My armed hobbos stay hobbos and non armed hobbos are going to be lava and earth golems.


well its hard to say really…

i have a lammansu and taurus model… so thats close to 1000 points right there…

but i couldn’t manage the 4th minimum core for a 3K… well i guess i could but it wouldn’t be pretty…

so i guess i’ll weigh in at 2.5K… I have more but its just not sensible…


I have 3,000 or so points worth.

What I don’t have is the time to paint them :sad


I’ve got approaching 2,000pts now


I’d say I’ve got about 3500pts of big hats, but I don’t think I could play a game that size cause a lot of the stuff is bare metal and hidden in a box.